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What is a Window Actuator? *

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A window actuator is an advanced technology that facilities the opening and closing of windows automatically. It primarily incorporates a motor-driven type of automation in its functioning.

The electric window openers are customized to suit different window structures and needs. They are various design available in the market, and you can select depending on your budget and preferences. The most common models include; chain, folding arm, rack, and pinion designs.

The window actuator by Rocburn is mainly attached to various sensors that can automatically trigger the opening and closing of windows. Most manufacturers install programs that allow you as the user to set commands and timelines of when you wish for the opening and closure of your windows.

Most of the actuators can operate several windows in the building. Thus it is critical to ensure that you make the right choice depending on the number of windows in your office or residential building.

Advantages of window actuators

Hassle-free window operation

The window actuators are beneficial in buildings that have an innumerable number of windows, which are tedious to operate manually. In scenarios where the windows are too high, window actuators come in handy. You can remotely have control of your windows, and you can facilitate proper ventilation even from the top set type of windows.

Advanced types can sense rain and nightfall. In case there is a downpour, the windows will automatically close even in your absence. Additionally, once the night approaches, there is the possibility of programming them to close at a particular hour. It merely means you don’t need to be around the household to operate your windows. It is an incredible way to control the ventilation of your building in a stress-free manner.


There is a possibility of a connection to various sensors in the building. One such connection is smoke sensors in the outbreak of fire. In the eventuality of such misfortunes, the sensors will signal the windows to automatically open and enhance proper ventilation in the building. The action mitigates the risk of the occupants of the building choking from the inhalation of the smoke.

Regulation of temperatures

In hot summers and cold winters, the indoor temperatures can be unbearable. Upon the detection of irregularities in temperatures, the window actuators sense it and either open or close automatically. It will enhance comfortability and favourable temperatures in the room.


The act of closing several windows in a building is time-consuming, and window actuators make the process easy. You can instantly close all your windows at the press of a button. If your schedule is tight, this can be a lifesaver. It also mitigates the unwillingness of people to open windows, who are aiming at eradicating the tedious process.

Window actuator by Rocburn ensures your windows are more operable and sophisticated. Due to the drastic shift from analog to digital and hassle-free systems, its vital not to be left out in the revolutionization. However, there is a need to ensure that the type of window actuator suits your needs and is compatible with your window system.


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