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Having Me Time at Spa Experience, Walthamstow *

At the start of January, I was treated by the lovely team from Spa Experience to a spa evening with a ‘Head in the Clouds’ treatment. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening by any means.

After work, a friend and I hopped on a train, then onto a bus to head out of central London and into Waltham Forest. We were greeted by the very friendly receptionist who got me to sign a couple of forms to say I’m healthy and that I have no allergies for my treatment.

We were then guided into the very clean and tidy changing rooms where we got into our swimwear. They had really cool wristbands that locked your locker for you so no need to worry about taking padlocks like you do to the gym.

 We then wandered on through to the relaxation area where we were met with dimmed lights, relaxing music and total calm. Such a difference to the busy world outside. We thought we’d make the most out of this after using the Thermal Spa downstairs.

After a quick shower in these incredible Monsoon showers, which are several jets that release scented water, creating contrasting shower experiences. These jets range from a warm tropical downpour to cool water, releasing a fine Scotch mist which was the dream, we hopped into the jacuzzi, as I think that’s always the best place to start. Spending time in the jacuzzi always really chills me out! I then left my friend to sauna the evening away as I had to go and meet my therapist for my treatment.

There are a fair few treatments to chose from at Spa Experience, these include:

 The La Sultane de Saba Head in the Cloud; a scalp, shoulder and face massage to comfort mind, body and soul. The La Sultane de Saba Slimming Green Tea Tingler; a detoxing blend of exfoliation and massage, targeting the waist down and designed to combat cellulite while improving skin tone and elasticity. The La Sultane de Saba Cleopatra’s Milk and Honey Ritual; inspired by Cleopatra’s bath ritual, thought to have preserved her youthful beauty. The La Sultane de Saba Malaysian Bamboo; a holistic therapy combining mystical Asian traditions of the La Sultane de Saba Ayurvedic Shirodhar; a full body holistic treatment, which will take you on a journey of the spices.

As tempting as they all sounded I’m a total sucker for a head massage so I went for the La Sultane de Saba Head in the Cloud option that lasts for 25 minutes.

My therapist had the most soothing voice I’ve ever witnessed and if she was to read me bedtime stories I’d of happily fallen off to sleep as I was so chilled out.

I’d never had a face massage before so I didn’t really know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. My skin still feels incredible a month later! I’m a huge fan of a scalp massage, I even bought myself a little gadget to give myself them whilst I watch TV, I’m that addicted. You can decide not to have the oils used in your hair, but I always think my hair can do with some extra love after all the dying that I put it through. With this in mind, they do tell you to leave the oils on for as long as you can, so I got the train home with oil filled hair knotted up in a bun to wash out before I went to bed.

After my treatment, my friend and I had a fruit tea and laid back in the relaxation area to complete our evening. I didn’t want to leave but the real world was calling me back for dinner! I’d totally forgotten I hadn’t eaten as I was in such a lush place!

The next morning I felt so relaxed, my hair and skin felt amazing and I was thinking could I do this at least once a week as I enjoyed it so much!

Thanks to Spa Experience for the perfect midweek treat and I highly recommend their spa; it’s spotless, very reasonably priced and easy to get to from the centre of London.

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