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Top Tips for A Great Spring Picnic *

When it comes to the spring, I love getting out and going for picnics. I tend to enjoy them a lot more then, than I do in Summer as I’m not a huge fan of sunshine and getting sunburnt! Pale skin problems are the bane of my life! Spring brings the promise of longer days, and it’s often still light after work so it means with those lighter, warmer evenings we can spend more time outdoors which I love.

As I’m such a picnic lover I thought I’d share with you my top tips for making the most out of your spring picnic.

Grab your blanket to ensure you have somewhere dry to sit. I find that sitting on a park bench for a picnic doesn’t quite have the same effect. Our blanket that we use for picnics was a total bargain from Primark so I’m not worried if it gets a little muddy, or food and drink spill onto it. It’s easily washed and ready for the next picnic.

Fill your picnic basket with summery goodies, and for me, this means Rekorderlig Cider. Seriously, nothing says picnic for me more than a couple of bottles of fruity cider. Although I’m struggling to decide whether the Mango & Raspberry is my favourite or the Wild Berries; both are pretty damn refreshing. Don’t forget your Cups, it brings a little more sophistication to your picnic.

If you’re more of a Strawberry-Lime kinda drinker then you should try pouring it over over ice with fresh mint leaves and a wedge of lime to really bring out the flavours, or if you’re feeling really fruity chuck in a few strawberries.

I even think little things like grabbing your sunglasses make your picnic a little more fun.

Even if you do have to wrap up a little more as the sun begins to set. Making sure you have some banging tunes on your phone too!

Whether you’re listening to chilled summer vibes or getting the party started, music really adds atmosphere to your picnic too.

I think that if we’re embracing the decent weather and doing things the Swedish way then our cheers to Walpurgis was more than needed. Walpurgis is the last day of April as it’s a celebration to the start of spring and in Sweden they host bonfires and public gatherings to drink and make memories.

And one last tip, to make your picnic a little more enjoyable, make sure you take a handful of good friends, but maybe don’t share all of your cider with them, it’s too good for that!

If you’re game for getting involved with #StartTheSwedishWay then head over to the Rekorderlig Cider Instagram to see how they do it best, and share your own images with the hashtag!

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