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Maintaining My Two Tone Blue Hair *

When it comes to caring for my hair, I have to make sure I do it well otherwise I will lose the colour quickly and that’s the last thing I want. I don’t want to by dying my hair all the time, as not only is it bad for my hairs health, it’s also super time-consuming! I’ve got a few little secrets that I use to keep my hair blue and in tip top condition.

The Dying

When it come to dying my hair, I use 5 different dyes! The top of my hair is Schwartzkopf LIVE XXL in Cosmic Blue. The bottom half of my hair is Schwartzkopf LIVE XXL in Electric Blue, with Crazy Colour in Bubblegum, Violette and Capri Blue.

And to mix all of these together I use a small plastic bowl and mix 1/4 of each together. I then match that amount with conditioner. To make this work you have to use white conditioner so it won’t change the colour of your mix! I then get some help to apply this to the back of my head and the full length of my hair. I wrap this in tin foil and leave for around three to four hours. I also mix the darker blue with conditioner so I can leave that on a little longer too. I mix this 3/4 dye to 1/4 conditioner. I then wander around the flat looking super attractive until it’s time to wash it all off. I wash the lower hair first as this is easier, then the top, and wash all together. I then use a hair mask to ensure my hair is mega healthy.

Please be careful if you do try this yourself. Test a small section first!


I have to be super careful with what products I use in my hair as lots of them can strip colour and that’s the last thing I need! I’ve done a fair few testers and I’m currently all about the Luxurious Volume range from John Frieda. I use both the Shampoo and Conditioner twice a week as I do try to leave washing my hair to a minimum. This isn’t just because of the colour, it’s because since I’ve been washing it less the condition of my hair has greatly improved. In fact, the best my hair ever felt was after washing it for the first time in 8 days after Glastonbury; it seems a little dirt and grease does my hair some good! Gross, I know right?! Ha!

With having such thin hair the added volume from the Luxurious Volume range is a godsend! Even if I just leave my hair to dry whilst sleeping if a work night, I wake up with fuller hair! My roots are no longer flat to my head, and I’m loving it! And when I do blow dry my hair of a weekend, it stays full all day and for a good few days later still too! I was always skeptical of Volume promising products as I do have such fine, flat hair but my mind has been firmly changed!

I also wash my fringe every morning so this is a true test of any shampoo as my fringe would fade a lot quicker if I had as using a non-colour friendly shampoo, but it’s not faded at all, it’s still exactly the same color as my hair! Total winner.

The Hairdressers

With the underneath of my hair being bleached I do have to go and have my roots done every 8 weeks. I do this at a salon close to home.

salon and hair stylist cooperation

But every now and again it’s rather nice to be treated to a proper session in the hair dressers where they treat your colour and make you feel a million dollars. I had that experience at Rush in Enfield with Lucy. I arrived a little late due to train issues, but I wasn’t rushed in the slightest. I sat with Lucy and chatted about my hair, my care routine and what I’d like done to me hair during my appointment. I simply asked for a bouncy blow dry, but Lucy, knowing best stated that my hair doesn’t have the right layers for this. My hair is all one length so a bouncy blow dry would just mean flicky ends which wouldn’t look too fabulous, so we agreed that curling the ends would work far better, so that was that.

bob wigs

Rush also do treatments that are mixed to your hair, these are the Fusio Dose by Kerastase. Lucy mixed a bespoke cocktail especially for my hair, choosing from one of the 20 available combinations, the rich substance gave me an instant hair transformation and sublime feeling. They also make note of your formula so when yu go back they have it ready for you! The mix that I had was to help your colour last longer so another great way to stay blue for longer. This was used on my hair after washing and was left in what having my skull massaged; my favourite part of a hairdresser trip!

After brushing through, Lucy set to work on making my hair into a masterpiece, and that she certainly did!

Just look at those curls and how incredibly shiny my hair is!

To curl my hair Lucy used the new curved battle GHD straighteners that have gone straight on to my wish list as they made curling look so easily! Obviously, Lucy has far more skills than me in that department so I will report back when I get my own set!

I even sat on the train taking #NoMakeUP sleifes of myself to show off how amazing I felt…

I was super happy for my outcome and can’t wait to head back to feel this great about my hair again!

Do you have any colour saving tips?

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