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The iPhone – 10 Years Later! *

Back in 2007, I headed down to Lakeside, my local shopping centre, with my best friend and we got our first ever iPhones. I remember thinking that it was the best thing ever. I was so glad to see the back of my awful Blackberry and fully embrace the iPhone in all of its glory. It was sleek, super shiny and did things beyond my wildest dreams!

I remember being so excited to have games to download; the first was this weird pond app where you could tap the screen and the fish pop up out of the water. I have no idea what it was in aid of, or how it was really a game but we loved it! It’s crazy how far, not only the games have come on, but how the iPhone is something totally different to when it first launched – you can read the iphone full history here and it will blow your mind!

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To celebrate 10 years of the wonderful iPhone, Three sent me an old iPhone handset and charger fully loaded with a Three SIM card, and they challenged me to see if I could manage 3 days using this instead of my current smartphone; the iPhone 6S. I was more than game to take this on.

It was only when the handset arrived and I charged it up that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to survive with the iPhone 3G, even if it was only for three days! I signed into my Apple account ready to download all of the apps I use daily and that was when I fell at the firsts hurdle. All of the apps I wanted, such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter, were unable to download as the software on the phone was too old. You’re not able to update the IoS system either!

So I then thought to myself, what else is different on this iPhone compared to my current one, and the list is quite extensive. I mean, technology has come on so far in the past 10 years, so that comes as no surprise right?

Here’s a few of the main differences I found…

The Camera

I use my iPhone camera for around 80% of my Instagram photos these days as I like to snap away super speedy. As you can see, the image on the left is no way cut out for Instagram as the old iPhone only has a 2 mega pixel camera, where as the image on the right from my current iPhone is far clearer, a lot more true to life with the lighting and has better colours. My current iPhone has a 12 mega pixel camera!

Another huge difference with the camera was that there was no front facing camera on the iPhone 3g! The selfie on the left took a few attempts to get us both into it without seeing what we were doing. Where as the selfie on the right we were able to see ourselves on the screen!

The iPhone 3g really did struggle with lighting too. It performed poorly in the dark situations as there was no flash on it back then! My current iPhone performed a lot better and we didn’t even use the flash for the right-hand image.

The iPhone 3g didn’t do too badly in the day light at all, but I still don’t think it’s Instagram worthy!

We also noticed that the camera doesn’t do pinch to zoom in, you have to use a slider!

Social Media

As a blogger, I’m on social media all the time, I just can’t help myself and with this iPhone 3g I couldn’t really access any of it! I know back when I had the phone that it was doable but it meant I really couldn’t use this iPhone as I do my current one. If I had really wanted to check my Twitter I could have used the Safari internet option but I do like having the app there, already signed in and alerting me of new tweets. I wouldn’t have been able to upload photos to Instagram which as an Insta obsessive I’d off had issues with that!


As the name suggests the iPhone 3g only has 3g internet. You know the slow internet that our current smartphones struggle with when they lose their 4g connection, yeah that! I did try and check a few sites with the internet on the iPhone 3g and I actually got bored waiting as I think it could be even slower than the 3g we sometimes have to use. I really remember being able to check things online as the coolest thing all those years ago, although at the time I didn’t realise how slow it was!

I feel the user experience hasn’t really changed over the years, the apps are still in their little boxes although a lot of the icons have changed. They all look a little more streamline and modern now. It’s still just as simple to use now as it was back then and I like that a lot. I mean, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. A few other bits I noticed was the size, the iPhone 3g was smaller, fatter and a little more rounded and I think I actually like that more; it was a lot nicer to hold than the more rectangle shape we have now!

All of this got me thinking about the iPhone 8 that is rumoured to be launching this year and I think I’d like it to be more curved like the iPhone 3g, but with a higher mega pixel camera and I think I would be more than happy with that really!

What do you think the new iPhone 8 is going to be like?

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