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How to Protect Your Spine at Work *

No matter whether you have a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting or you sit at an office desk all day, it is important that you try to avoid any potential back injuries. You may be surprised by how easily they can happen from physical strains and often people don’t actually realise they can occur in situations that do not appear to be overly strenuous. Protecting your spine of vital importance and when you are sitting at a desk all day you will have an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and this will also put your spine in a vulnerable position which can lead to problems. Here, we are looking at different ways in which you can reduce your risk of back injuries at work, so you don’t have to end up at a spine clinic London.

Do Some Stretches

An easy way to prevent spinal injuries is to get some extra movement included in your day. This can increase your metabolic rate and it can ensure that you are less susceptible to receiving a back injury. We would recommend doing some back stretches and incorporating some small twists when you are sitting at your desk as this can improve your spine’s flexibility and its strength.

Don’t Pull

It is agreed amongst most experts that if you have a job that requires heavy lifting, it is always better to opt to push instead of pull if you can. When you pull, you place lots of tension on your spine but when you push it is more arm and leg strength that is being used rather than your spine. Lifting heavy objects can easily cause strains that need to be seen by a spine surgeon. If you have experienced back pain from lifting heavy objects, a spine surgeon can help to manage spinal and pain disorders associated with the back and neck. Not all treatments are going to require surgery, for example, the London-based spine surgeon Complex Spine offers procedures like epidurals, joint injections and radiofrequency therapy – but what you need will, of course, depend on your condition.

Get A Standing Desk

If you are usually sitting all day at an office desk, you will know that sense of relief that you get simply from standing up. Standing helps to reduce lower back pain as you are reducing the pressure placed on the spine following a sitting position. For this reason, it is definitely worthwhile to get a standing workstation.

Keep a Good Posture

When you are sitting at an office desk all day, it can quickly become a habit to sit slumped and have terrible posture. Always try and remain conscious of how your spine is positioned as being slumped over towards your desk is not great for your back. You should always keep your back rested against the back of the chair for support and try to keep your desktop PC above your waist but not higher than your head.

Foot Orthotics

Again, if you have already experienced back pain in your work, you may also want to look at foot orthotics. This has been found to be helpful in reducing back pain symptoms and making your spine feel less tense.

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