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Be More Productive in 2021 with these Tech Hacks *

*Collaborative post.

You are probably having to cut down time on your real money pokies online gaming because you have so many things that you have to do or want to do right now. But, there are so many helpful people that know we are time poor that have created hacks to help you become more productive meaning we can spend less time working and more time doing what we love. We do not want you to be missing out on all the fun that is in the world right now especially as shops, bars and restaurants are back open. 

With that in mind, here are a couple of handy tech hacks that will help you pull through in 2021.

Changing Upper Case to Lower Case

The keyboard comes with so many tricks and shortcuts that you can use in order to type faster.  There are times when you find out that you have written a whole paragraph in upper case. And, the only thing that you would normally do is start retyping the whole assignment.

But, you can actually change the work to lower case without having to delete it all or use a website to help; all you will need to do is highlight the paragraph and press the shift and F3 button. After, that the text will be changed from upper case to lower case or lower case to upper case depending on what you want.

This is a literal game-changer as I’m so heavy-handed when typing I often tap the caps lock button and keep typing away!

Google Translate for Proof Reading

Google Translate is one of the best ways that you can proofread a large chunk of text, even if you are writing about the likes of the best high roller casinos, there’s no judgement there. It is also a lot easier for you to pick up on a mistake in your text if it is being read out loud which you can do on Google Translate.

Therefore, if you are tired or your eyes need a rest, you can just have Google Translate read it out loud to you. Plus, it can also help you highlight the different typos that you would have made as it’s often easier to pick them up vocally than it is when you’ve been staring at the same document for hours!

How to Charge Your Phone Faster

There are times whereby you are in a rush and in need of your phone to charge faster. Putting it in flight mode is one of the tried and tested techniques that have been found to actually work. If you can, reduce the brightness of the screen as well while charging.

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