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Taking 2018 by the Horns!

So, 2018 is here and I’m making a few tiny changes to my life to ensure I make the most out of it. I mean, 2017 was a pretty decent year when it comes to travel, the blog and spending time with my favourites. But I really want to make the most of 2018 and not leave the year at the end of it thinking I could have done so much more or feel like I still have a ton of things left to accomplish!

I’ve had a little think about how I can make those changes and these are the three plans I have decided to live by for this year…

Say No More!

This one seems like a crazy thing to put, but in all honesty, I think I exhausted myself to the point to making myself sick a few times last year. I took on so much blog stuff, wanted to make sure I saw the friends I need to, wanted to travel as much as I could and fit in the time to see all of my family too as it has been a bit of a tough year.  At one point I was heading to two blog events in one night, writing posts on my commute to and from work and only ever being in the flat to shower, wash my hair and sleep! There were days when I was close to falling asleep at my deck, and nights when I was craving some time to sit and watch old episodes of The League of Gentlemen with Mike. I’m not one to let people down so I would always turn up to the plans I had made, but I need to put myself first and if my body craves time out then I need to give it some! I also want more time to sit and write to create better content!

Evaluate Friendships More

In March 2017, I was added into a Whatsapp group of total boss blogger babes. Some were ladies I had met before in person and the others I knew from Twitter and working with bloggers in an old job role, but over the few months we’ve been chatting this mob have become some of my closest friends. No matter what the issues are I know they are there and they know we’re all here should they have issues. They knew exactly what to say when times got tough and we lost family members this year, they were there (virtually) when I had to get up and talk at my Nan’s funeral when I get so nervous and ugly cry and they are some of my biggest supporters. One of my favourite memories of this lot was reading back through the messages when I was running the marathon; they were all tracking me, supporting me and I really felt like they were proud of me!

But having these amazing ladies in my life had made me realise that not all the friends I had in my life were as great as I had thought they were and things had become pretty one-sided! I sat, one Saturday afternoon, and evaluated this and felt it was time to move on and shake it off. I’m going to be doing this a lot more in 2018 as I feel it’s helped so much!

Be More Frugal!

So I have set myself a target for my savings this year as I want to hit a certain figure for when we sell the flat and hopefully move into a house next year. I have my heart set on a certain style of home in a pretty pricey town and I want to be able to achieve living there so I need to buckle down and safe. This doesn’t mean I’m going to be stopping having fun as the kind of person I am needs things to look forward to, but I will do things more sensibly! I will really question if I need that new dress, or if we really need a take away that night when we have food in the fridge. I will prepare my lunches more at home to save some pennies each week and when we travel I won’t be booking the crazy 5 star hotels that I love, I will book something that is far better for the bank! That doesn’t mean you’ll getting me in hostels just yet though!!

If I can stick to these then I’m sure 2018 will be an even better year than the last. What are you changing this year?

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