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Quick and Simple Ways to Find a Job in London *

London is a fantastic city to live in. It is a diverse city with many great opportunities waiting to be captured. It is a fun city too, especially with its lively nightlife and many great attractions to visit. Moving to London is a great leap to make, not just for personal reasons, but also for your career. As mentioned before, there are plenty of great opportunities waiting to be seized. London has some of the best jobs to apply for right now and finding them just gets easier with these quick and
simple ways I’m going to share with you…

Phone a Friend

Finding a job in London is very easy to do when you have a lot of friends in the city. Many companies now hire based on references and often ask employees to recommend the right candidates for open positions, which is why telling friends that you’re looking for a new job is a great way to get started. Don’t forget to get your CV and your LinkedIn profile updated before you start asking for help from friends. Even when you are recommended by an existing employee, you still need to go through a screening process; your CV – or your LinkedIn profile – is the first thing the company will check. You also want to take the entire process of applying for the job as well as the job itself seriously. Remember that your friend is vouching for your skills and professionalism. Failure to perform once you are accepted could jeopardise that friendship and may ruin your friend’s reputation.

Go Online

The internet is your friend when it comes to finding jobs in London. You only need to do a quick Google search for “jobs in London” or other more specific keywords to find opportunities to explore. As one of the fastest-growing business hubs in the world, companies in London are expanding their operations rapidly and regularly seek new employees to recruit.
Another great thing about finding jobs online is the array of tools you have at your disposal. You can, for example, find temporary jobs that you can get quickly. Websites such as Staff Heroes can help you find a job in London in no time at all. They are a huge help if you are in a jam and you need a new job quickly. Even social media and blogs can lead to possible new jobs, they certainly have for me. This is part of the reasons why maintaining a positive and professional online presence is a must. You will be surprised by how many recruitment officers try to reach out to you when you have a solid and well-maintained LinkedIn

Rely on Career Centres

The third way we are going to cover in this article is relying on the help of career centres; there are a lot of them in London today. Career centres are set up to help people with different backgrounds find suitable careers to pursue. Most career centres will also help you figure out the best jobs to chase based on your qualifications. Even better, a visit to a career centre in London means connecting with a lot of potential employers. Many companies work with local career centres as a way to give back to the community. Aside from potential employment, you will also find training and personal development programmes you can take for free.

From these three ways, it is easy to see how finding a job in London isn’t as difficult as you think. Now that you know these quick and simple ways to find a job in the city, it is time to get started with your search and find the perfect job right away.

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