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What Trends will Hit our Homes this Year in 2018? *

The best part of being a homeowner is making the much-needed changes to keep up with the home-décor trends that come and go. We’re now in 2018, and there’s a whole new array of trends out, so will you be joining in on them!?

A blast from the past; Trends that made Waves in 2017

In order to make reasonable predictions for 2018, we need to take a look back at what was successful in 2017 and there were really good trends.
So, what were these trends that transformed our homes over the past year?

If you noticed green popping up in the home last year, that’s because ‘Greenery’ was the World’s Colour of the Year! The colour green did well in general, as we saw the use of this colour in fashion and commercial design — making it an instant hit with the general public. Greenery represents refreshment and revitalization, which a lot of people could relate to during that time. We’ve got a lot of green accents in our living room and kitchen area so we were well on trend!

Last year, we saw homeowners strip back their interiors and show off their exposed brickwork to add a bit more character to their rooms. This trend was a brilliant way for homeowners to save both time and money when decorating, whilst giving them the flexibility to be versatile with their furniture. Cork furniture was an unusual addition to the home last year too, but nevertheless, we made it work! The environmentally friendly material was commonly used throughout the year to make items such as vases, glasses and even lampshades. However, they were often accompanied by a metallic surround that gave off a youthful, yet premium, vibe.

Mason jars became huge in 2017 and homeowners to stock their kitchen cupboards. Young or old, everyone had one in their kitchen. This trend even caught on with restaurant owners, who discovered that they could use these to serve drinks as well as to store food and ingredients. Accompanied with a striped straw, mason jars are the perfect item to serve a cool beverage.

These were some trends that made our homes that little extra special in 2017, but what can we expect this year?

Trends expected to explode in 2018

Copper products were every homeowner’s essential last year, but it’s time to say goodbye. Gold and brass furniture will make its return and will become a household essential, although making
it subtle is key to making it look good. Golden legs of a table accompanied with a white top will be the talking point of all of the dinners you host, for instance. Estrange from crystal clear white kitchens, we’ll be making the bold move for mixed materials and colours in 2018. Everyone seems to have a white kitchen, white tiles, and white marble worktops and, frankly, it’s a bit repetitive. Mixing finishes will give it a cool, New York-like aesthetic that everyone will love.

A change of scenery is in order, from bright walls to make a more open environment, to darker walls to make your room feel more exclusive and homely. For those who opted for untreated
walls last year, it’s time to leave them there and generate something new in your living space. Seems like our darks walls we picked back in 2015 are going to be super cool this year!

Picture grey walls with your mustard curtains — it’s an interior designer’s dream. Withhold the elegance in your home by opting for a palette of aged colours that will make the most beautiful
backdrop. Seems like we need to change to colour accents of the kitchen to mustard to match our grey walls.

Begin to flesh out rich colours within your home, this will ensure a nice contrast with your dark walls. This can really benefit the furniture you have in your room and make it pop to any visitors.
Don’t go too wild with different colours, but at the same time don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t used before, such as a mustard tone — be the trendsetter among all of your friends.
The 70s will be making a huge comeback in 2018, with wooden furniture too!  From units in your living room to your dressing table in your bedroom (accompanied by a long motel-like
mirror), you will have plenty of storage space that will accompany the colour of your walls and threads beautifully.

What big changes will you be making to your home-décor this year?
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