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Little Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Warm *

*Collaborative Post.

A warm home is the best thing to come back to after a long day at work. Being able to slip your shoes off and curl up on a soft sofa, not having to move for the next few hours with a warm drink in hand – it’s one of the smallest pleasures in life! Which is why making your home feel warm and cosy is the ultimate design principle for any space. 

No matter the kind of person you are, blankets and rugs and a warm atmosphere are the things we all strive for when it comes to decor. But if you feel you’re missing out on a bit of the goodness, we’ve got some tips below to really help you out.  

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Light Cascades Always Look Great

Fairy lights are always a nice addition to a space, no matter what time of year it is. But if you’re a Christmas lover and would love to have a bit of that magic all year round, hang some strings liberally throughout your home. Over windows upstairs, across the kitchen ceiling, over the ‘canopy’ of your bed – they work pretty much everywhere. And not only do they help to make a home look more cosy, but this type of soft lighting is much cheaper on the electric too! 

Keep Bare Floors to a Minimum

Bare floors might be all the rage at the moment, but they’re still more likely to get cold than carpets! So if you’ve got hardwood or lino down anywhere, make sure there’s a rug on it. Something fluffy you can dig your toes in, that’ll help you stay warm when you take your boots off after a long work day. Even the kitchen should have a rug – just make sure it’s not a white one!

It’s All About the Bed

Your bedroom needs to be the ultimate cosy space. Take out anything you use to work whilst you’re in there – this should be a relaxing space you always feel like yourself in! Most of all, your bed should be the number one place you feel comfortable, and like you could slip into sleep at any time. And if it doesn’t currently feel like that, invest in something like an Adairs mattress topper or a weighted blanket or simply a few more pillows and make sure you can really recline here! Make it more padded and/or fluffy and it’ll be a super warm place to be. 

Make Your Windows Softer

Your windows can let a lot of cool air into the home if you’re not careful. First of all, double check the insulation. But then think about getting thicker curtains fitted, or a longer net curtain underneath. You can also put soft furnishings like blankets and pillows on the ledges and panes, and even start using them as seats. The more warm it looks, the more warm it’ll truly be. 

If you want a warm home, you just need a few more cosy items around! 

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