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Best Quirky Date Nights in London

I am always down for a date night, in fact, I plan more date nights than anyone else I know. I just love spending time finding the most fun things to do in London that aren’t your usual cocktail and meal style date night. In February, we went on a few super fun date nights that are well worth booking up and giving a go!

Faulty Towers, The Dining Experience

If you’re looking for a laugh a minute fun then this is so up your street. I mean it does help if you’re a Faulty Towers fan, but the slapstick humour really can be a hit for everyone.  Our table was such a mix of ages and nationalities and we all had a really good night! The evening begins in the bar where you can grab enough drink to last you until the interval, although the show is set up like a restaurant we didn’t want to get up and miss anything. The cast are spot on for playing Basil, Sybil and Manuel – in fact, they are so well cast it really does make you feel like you are in the Faulty Towers TV Show for real! The food was really tasty and we had such a good night. The audience are fully immersed in the show so be prepared to get picked on, asked questions and to have to catch a bread roll or two! Just don’t expect the best service as you may leave a little disappointed!!


This is yet another fully immersive event as they seem to be taking London by storm at the moment! Alcotraz is obviously a clever play on the words, alcohol, and Alcatraz, the federal prison in San Francisco so you can imagine what this is going to entail. Right from the moment, you’re in line to enter you’re placed into the part of a fugitive on their way to prison and are forced to smuggle in any alcohol you have on you. We had a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s hidden up my large coat sleeve and we managed to find a crooked guard that will help us sneak in with it. Placed into a pillow we were taken into the prison and told to keep an eye out for the very strict Prison Warden. Four cocktails later, I think we did a good job of hiding our drink and we were let free for good behaviour!

Hesters Hideout

The number of times I have walked past Hesters Hideout and not known it was there is crazy, so a bloody good hideout it is! Hidden under Paesan Italian Restaurant on Exmouth Market, Hesters is a vintage style cocktail bar and as we visited on a Saturday night we were treated to Kitty’s Kaberet. This meant we got to witness award-winning showgirl and burlesque sensation, Jolie Papillon, to the Deco Noir dancers, magicians, and specialty acts such as the awesome Strong Man! We had such a good night and it ticked off yet another item from my 30 before 30 list! The service was great, the drinks were top notch and the show made our night something a little different!

What do you do for Date Night? Maybe try comedy clubs as the perfect venue for your next date.

Thanks to Love Pop Up London for supplying my tickets to Faulty Towers and Hesters Hideout

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