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Tips for Building Better Employee Benefits and Keeping Staff Happy *

The employees of today aren’t just satiated with a monthly salary; most of them want additional benefits from too. These benefits can include health benefits, voluntary benefits, overtime benefits and lots more. If the employees of any organisation don’t get additional benefits, they tend to give their resignation and move on to the next job. As the head of an organisation, you need to build better employee benefit programs for your human assets. We have put together a few tips that will help you build better employee benefit programs. Here’s everything you should keep in mind:

Offer Free Of Cost Health Check-Ups for Employees

Besides the health benefits that you may provide to employees, you should also provide free of cost health checkups to them. Health checkups can include basic and standard health tests like a blood test, blood pressure check, sugar and cholesterol check-up, eye test, stress test and more. This will help in diagnosing health issues of your employees at early stages and can prove to be extremely helpful. Most employees probably don’t have the time in their hectic schedules to get their vitals tested. Offering this service at the workplace every 6 months can be a great boon.

Offer Therapy Sessions for Employees

A lot of people today suffer from mental and psychological issues like anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder and other such mental ailments. Visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist can prove to be very expensive for employees with limited incomes. Most health benefit schemes don’t cover psychological ailments. Hence, providing free of cost or minimal cost therapy sessions for your employees can help them battle and overcome their psychological disorders and perform better in the workplace.

Install a Gym Or Provide Gym Membership For Employees

If you have a huge office space, you can convert one room into a small gym for employees. Being physically fit is extremely important and employees who have long work hours may not find the time in the day to hit the gym. If you install a gym in the office itself, employees will be able to exercise in their free time or as soon as they complete their work for the day. Alternatively, if you are unable to set up a gym in the office itself, get a corporate membership package with a local gym and get employees a huge discount on the gym membership so that they are motivated to sign up.

Offer Weekend Getaways for Employees

Once in six months or once in a year, giving employees a relaxing retreat can prove to be a real boon. You can organise a trip where employees and their immediate families can be taken to a nearby resort where they can unwind and relax and swim and just enjoy themselves. This helps in improving the personal interaction of employees amongst one another too. Employees will feel like you don’t just care about work but also worry about their overall well-being.

Offer Benefits for Senior and Junior Family Members

A lot of employees in your organisation may have ill parents who are senior citizens. Your employees may also have little toddlers who require regular babysitting. Being able to provide care for senior family members and babysitting services for children can be a real boon for your employees. You can have a children’s room in the office itself where you can hire professional babysitters to look after the children during working hours. For senior citizens, you can tie up with an old age home or senior citizen facilities that can send nurses or volunteers to look after the aged parents of your employees when they are away on an office work trip.

Make the Office Workspace Visually Pleasing

Another benefit that you can give the employees in your organisation is a workplace that is visually pleasing. Working in a dull and lifeless atmosphere can prove to be very frustrating and demotivating. If you want to make your office atmosphere more energetic and lively, you can install beautiful faux plants around the office space. The lush green leaves of the plants can play a very important role in calming the minds of employees and can even help inspire them. You can also install pretty artificial flowers in vases all around your office. The burst of colors in the flowers will make the workspace livelier and easier to work in.

Available Benefits Need To Be Communicated In A Better Manner

Large organisations that have hundreds of employees may not be aware of available benefits due to lack of proper communication on the same. Additionally, employees of different age groups are more comfortable with different forms of communication. For instance, young employees would prefer to know about the available benefits digitally via email or other forms of social media. On the other hand, older employees would prefer to read about the available benefits in booklets of flyers and other old-school communication methods. You need to make sure that all the employees are informed about the available benefits through multiple forms of communication. If only half your employees get information about the available benefits, while the other half are unaware, it is not fair to ones unaware.

All in all providing benefits to employees is something that can be easily done. You need to understand the basic needs and requirements of your employees and work towards providing them employee benefits by their needs. You can use several of these tips mentioned above to make sure that the staff members working in your organisation are happy and satisfied. Remember, the better you treat your employees, the more loyal they will be to you and your organisation. Keep in mind that the rate at which employees today switch jobs has tripled. If your employees are dissatisfied with the work atmosphere, they will probably start looking out for new jobs.

Finally, you have simple, affordable and practical tips to provide additional employee benefits to your staff members. Large corporate organisations from across the globe are using these smart tips to build better employee benefits.

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