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E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Real Cigarettes; 5 Reasons Why *

Many people wonder if smoking cigarettes or e-cigs is better. Most people will say that electronic cigarettes are far better than regular cigarettes. E-cigs are one of the best alternatives to smoking real cigarettes, and these devices offer all of the benefits that smoking cigarettes offer but it doesn’t come with the negative things cigarettes are known for.

There’s a good chance that if someone who smokes cigarettes is looking to quit, then they are probably searching for ways to do it. They probably also want to use something that will improve their experience on various levels. With that said, let’s go over why vaping is far superior and better than real cigarettes. Why not reat yourself to a MIQRO vaporizer.

No Horrible Scent

Cigarettes do not smell good at all, and the scent is horrible and very potent. Not only that, but the smell lingers for a long time. Cigarette smoke can stick to your skin, clothes and hair, as well as to the interior of your car. The chances are the people who are around you can smell the smoke on you, and they can be affected by the strong scent.

Cigarettes give off a putrid smell because it burns the tobacco mixture. This mixture includes tar and a number of other horrible chemicals that are bad for your health. Besides that, the some that lingers can be harmful to other people who are near you.

With e-cigs, vapour is produced. This vapour does not smell bad and it is not overpowering, which is not the case with regular cigarettes. Some vapes may give off an odour, but in most cases, this odour will only linger for a very brief period of time. However, there are some vapes that do not smell at all.

E-Cigs Are Cheaper Than Cigarettes

It seems that the price of traditional cigarettes are always increasing, especially when you look back at prices these last few years. In fact, in 2005 you could buy a pack of cigs for around £5, but today the price is over £8, and that is for a mid-brand of pack of 20 cigs. Cigarettes cost money to produce, transport to their destinations and they are taxed. All of these things contribute to the rising price of cigarettes.

If you smoke at least 10 real cigarettes per day, then you are spending a lot of money. It’s fair to say you’re probably spending more than £500 per month. This is a low-ball figure too.

Those who have switched to e-cigs from traditional cigarettes tend to agree that vaping is a lot cheaper. Sure, start-up costs are involved, but once you’ve purchased a starter kit, then the only major expense you’ll have are the vaping liquids, also known as eliquid. Sometimes you’ll have to buy replacement parts, but even this is affordable to do.

E-cigs are reusable and rechargeable, too. The bottom line is the habit is far cheaper than a smoking habit. This is regardless of how often you vape.


E-cigs do not burn the same chemicals as real cigarettes burn. Not only that, but you don’t need a lighter or match, and you don’t have to worry about ashes falling off or accidentally setting fire to the surrounding area. As you are aware, many fires have started as a result of a cigarette being tossed onto the ground while still being lit.

An electronic cigarette is equipped with a battery and a heating mechanism that warms the liquid, which then produces vapour. This vapour is inhaled by the user. However, you still want to read up on the safety recommendations when it comes to using these devices, especially in regards to the battery. Generally speaking, vaping is a lot safer than the real thing.

Every now and then you’ll read about an e-cig exploding, and usually when this happens it’s because the batteries were being stacked. Other incidents are the result of modifications made to the device. In turn, the e-cigs become unsafe to use, so always make sure you understand what the safety recommendations are before you use an e-cig.

Cigarettes Are Bad For Your Health

It’s not a secret that tobacco-based cigarettes are horrible for your health. There are plenty of studies out there that conclude tobacco smoke is very bad for your health. In fact, cigarettes have been associated with serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and respiratory issues. These are only a few conditions linked to cigarettes.

Passive smoking can be harmful to people too. This means those who come in contact with second-hand smoke are faced with potential health risks. This is also one of the reasons why the Smoke-Free England legislation was passed and now you can’t really some in public places and at the workplace.

The truth is that harmful chemicals are used in cigarettes, while ingredients that are often used to produce food are used in e-liquids. If required, some nicotine is used as an ingredient. Flavourings are also an ingredient in many e-liquids, but there are huge differences between the ingredients used in e-liquids and in real cigarettes.

People often feel healthier when they quit smoking cigarettes. This means you too may feel healthier. By switching to e-cigs, you could end up feeling better.

E-cigs Are Socialable

 E-cigs are more socially acceptable than real cigarettes because there are fewer health concerns and they don’t give off any horrible smells or anything of that nature. People are quite critical of tobacco smokers. They tend to not think too critically of those who use electronic cigarettes.

The bottom line is e-cigs are the better choice and it’s easy to see why more and more people are switching to them. Even professionals and those who don’t smoke look at e-cigs as being the better of the two. Some non-smokers don’t even mind the smell of e-liquids.

With so many people making the switch, now is the time for you to also make the switch. You could eventually notice an improvement in your health and you could save money in the long-run. Go ahead and give vaping a try today to see how you like it.

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