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2018; A Look Back at a Crazy Rollercoaster of a Year!

So here we are, we’ve plummeted through 2018 at lightning pace and I am so not ready for the new year, but alas, I can’t stop that from happening can I?! As ever, I’m here to do a look back at the year complete with highlights, low points and few in-betweeny bits!

We started the year at Talliston House and Gardens which was a gift I got Mike for Christmas and we celebrated seeing in the New Year and his birthday in their Haunted Bedroom complete with a three-course meal, house tour and an incredible breakfast. I also spent a lovely weekend in Leeds and Winchester with my favourite ladies. I think one of the biggest highlights for me of the year, on a personal level, was quitting the job I hated to take some time out to freelance and decide what I really want to do with my career.

We ended the month and the start of my freelance life with a very blissful 10 days at Bishops Castle Barn with a trip out to Snowdonia to fly our drone and take in the sites, plus we bought a joint membership to the National Trust.

February kicked off with one of my, if I may say so myself, awesome date weekends that consisted of dinner at the Fawlty Tower Experience, then went onto the next day with a few hours at the pop-up Phsycadelic Fun House, being locked up at Alcotraz, trying to sober up with burgers at BrewDog and to watch the cabaret Hesters Hideout.

We spent a long weekend in Amsterdam which was my gift to Mike for his birthday and it was just so much fun sharing a city I love with someone that has never been before. We also got our first video shot all done and get a booking to shoot a friends wedding which was so exciting!

March was another month filled with fun as we spent three days in York with Visit York and then had the most blissful evening at North Star Club. The following weekend we drove down to Plymouth to visit friends and we got caught in the crazy snow and it took us 8 hours to get home! We also had our favourite Dog Buddy puppy called Bear spent time with us which we always enjoy!

April was a little less travel, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as fun as when we do! We saw Black Foxxes play which we love and we filmed a music video for my old dance troupe.  We also teamed up with my favourite charity and helped them to photograph their runners at the London Marathon.

When I say we did less travel, we did still get up to Edinburg to visit a friend! We also managed to squeeze in The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburg Castle, The Scotch Whisky Experience, seeing Public Service Broadcasting, Edinburg Zoo and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

May got off to a slow start then really picked up with a trip to Luxembourg that exceeded every expectation we had of it! Everything we ate was unreal and we had so much fun exploring with our Luxembourg Card. I spent an afternoon having my fifth tattoo done in the shape of an anchor on the top of my right thigh.



We finished up the month with a trip to Slam Dunk music festival and joined the Haciendas Zorita wine club. We ended the month as the awesome Feasty Blinders, the immersive Peaky Blinders dinning experience.

In June, our camera’s got a lot of use with a lot of filming for Lakeside Hammers Speedway, our first wedding and a love-filled gender reveal. We got to see Public Service Broadcasting for a second time, The National, Alexisonfire and Flight of the Conchords all play live.

July was also a little music themed in the shape of 2000trees music festival which ended up being one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to! We found so many new bands that we still listen now. In a crazy 24hrs I got a call about a job, had a phone interview, had a face to face interview, and got offered the job, so a week later I started my new job for an Investment company. I also crammed in trips to Winchester and Leeds to see my favourite girlies!

To be continued…

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  1. Luxembourg is the prettiest country I’ve ever been to! I’m so glad that you and Mike loved it too!

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