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A Guide To Making Your Bathroom Your Favourite Room In the House *

*This is a collaborative post.

Do you want a bathroom where you can happily spend hours soaking in the bath? Maybe you want a bathroom where you can do your entire beauty routine with no issues – as well as your partner? This guide will help you to make sure your bathroom becomes your favourite room in the whole house. Read on and you’ll know exactly what to do!

Know What A ‘Must’ Is For You

You can’t copy somebody else’s bathroom – you don’t know if your lifestyle needs match up! You need to think realistically about your lifestyle and how you use your bathroom, and then make decisions based on that. For example, if you want to share the bathroom without wanting to kill your partner, you should make sure you have a double vanity. This way, you can both brush your teeth, shave, and do whatever else it is you want to do without getting in one another’s way. 

If you love showers, but aren’t so keen on baths, then it could be a good idea to turn your bathroom into a wetroom – although this will require a luxury bathroom renovation, and isn’t something you should go into lightly. You certainly won’t be able to do it yourself. Write out how you use the bathroom most frequently, or how you’d like to use the bathroom, and then come up with ideas. 



Ample storage in the bathroom is the absolute most important thing. You tend to accumulate all manner of products as an adult. Some you may use every day, some you may use only every so often. Regardless, you need to store them properly. You may want to store them so they are in easy reach for you, but out of reach of your kids (if you have them). Consider different storage types that could work well for you. For example, corner storage in your shower will mean being able to easily grab your razor, shower gel, and anything else from the shower. Under the sink storage will ensure you can put things away that you won’t necessarily need at a moment’s notice. In some cases, you may even be able to find a bathtub that can double up as a storage unit. This can be very useful if you want to keep your bathroom as tidy as possible and you have a lot of different things to store. 

Big Mirrors

Whether you’re doing a full body shave, applying some fake tan/body cream, or simply admiring yourself, a big mirror is a must in the bathroom. The bathroom tends to be one of the smallest rooms in the house, and a big mirror can help to reflect light and space and make it feel larger. Invest in a quality mirror so that your reflection is true and it stands the test of time. You won’t regret it! 

Uniformed Bottles And Jars

If you really want to give your bathroom a certain type of vibe, investing in unformed bottles and jars to put your products into could be a nice thing to do. This will ensure all of your products look uniformed and that you don’t have any clashing colors or patterns in the bathroom. Just make sure you know what everything is so you don’t end up washing your face with conditioner! 

Add A Plant Or Two

Lots of people don’t put plants in the bathroom, but the bathroom can be the ideal room for certain types of plants to thrive. Some plants love the humid air in the bathroom, and will benefit from the atmosphere. Plants help to bring the outdoors in, and they can look amazing in the bathroom, giving a bit of a bohemian feel. 


If you have room, having a stool or seat you can sit on when doing your beauty routine or applying products may be helpful. Even if it’s just used for drying off, it’ll make your life a lot easier! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off Your Personality

A beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to mean bright whites and neutral colors. You can still show off your personality and make your bathroom look super unique! For example, you could have a feature wall, or use special tiles. Have fun with your decor, and don’t do the easy thing and keep it neutral if you don’t want to. 

Invest In Nice Towels

You can’t beat wrapping up in a fluffy towel after you step out of the bath or shower. If you can, invest in a couple of high quality towels and you’ll change your experience in the bathroom for the better! 

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