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How has Dating Changed over the Past Few Years? *

Dating is something that I feel changes hourly. Whenever I chat with friends that are on the dating scene it seems there are new ways to meet people appearing every week. It feels like it’s something that, if you’re part of the dating world, that you really need to be on your toes with it or you might miss out on meeting the love of your life!

When dating websites came into play, meeting people you’d met online was quite a new idea. Many people were sceptical about going out and meeting strangers but it seems with the launch of dating apps and the youngsters getting involved has made those feelings a thing of the past.

When chatting with a friend that’s a user of online websites and apps she showed me just how far dating has come on the past few years! There seems to be an app and website for everything you could want in the dating world.

She taught me that for women, there’s Bumble as it puts you in control of who you message first. There’s no awkward unmatching when guys send you messages you’re not interested in. For bi people, there’s Tinder or Bumble as you can set your settings to looking for both male and female suitors. For gay people, we have heard Tinder or Grindr are most suited, but Grindr has been used mainly hookups for those looking for something a little less serious.

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Also, there are less fast-paced apps and sites too. So if this is something you want to spend time on, then there’s Hinge for heterosexual couples; it’s where you build more of a ‘profile’ and you need to fill in more info. This kind of profile building gives you so much more to go off in terms of personality.

Profiles should always have something that you can send the first message about, but listing requirements of a partner is an absolute no. Putting general interests, fun facts etc gives people something to go off. With photos, you need individual ones or if you’re in groups, be clear which one you are. I only put up group pics of people who either don’t have the same hair colour or don’t wear glasses so it’s clear which one I am

Dating apps are evolving fast, but the result of that is people see everyone as disposable and never settle for less than perfect as you never know who else might be next. So if dating isn’t for you, and you’re looking for something a little more casual, then why not try adult dating uk? Nostrings dating is something that has become so popular over the last few years and it’s no longer a taboo. If you’re just looking for a one night stand, no strings attached or a “Friends with Benefits” style relationship then No Strings Dating is full of real, genuine adult singles looking for naughty fun without that awkward first propositioning message as everyone is there for the same reason making your life a lot easier.

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