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5 Things You Have To Try When London Reopens *

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Living in London is an exciting experience. The city is full of exciting places to visit and enjoy with family and friends. There are beautiful places to visit, eateries that have exquisite meals and lots of activities to do. However, because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the government has enforced a series of lockdowns.

This has limited the people in London from visiting and enjoying different parts of the city. With the third lockdown coming to an end, it is time for Londoners to visit and explore their beautiful city again.

Some of the best and affordable things to do this post lockdown while still observing safety rules include:

Visiting A Sports Bar

With stadium attendance still restricted, many sports enthusiasts are missing out on live-action. Football fans are the most affected. With sports bars reopening, this is a good chance to enjoy some action again. One of the best ways to enjoy action is by booking a booth with a private TV at Belushi’s, a top sports bar in London. You can order a few cold beers to enjoy while watching your favourite team.

Enjoying A Favourite Meal At Your Local Restaurant

You probably have missed visiting your local joint for a quick meal because of observing lockdown rules. The end of lockdown presents an opportunity to enjoy food at your local eateries again. The local eateries are also convenient in this pandemic period. You don’t have to interact with people through public transport since you only need to stroll. The food is relatively cheap as well.

Visiting A Tourist Free Museum Near You

With most businesses expected to open with the end of lockdown, Museums are expected to open as well. Top museums in London are normally full of tourists eager to enjoy the British experience and rich culture. With the current international travel bans, tourists are not expected in the country soon. These bans have presented opportunities for locals to visit some of these museums. Top museums you can visit include the British Museum, the V&A, the Natural History Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

Enjoy A Sunday Roast With Your Mates

London is known to have pubs and restaurants famed for serving some of the best roast dishes in the capital. After a long time away from your mates during the lockdown, post lockdown presents an opportunity to catch up. One of the best ways you can enjoy catching up is sharing a well roast meat delicacy. You can wash this down with a sip of cold beer as you share a chat with your mates.

Enjoy Indoor Activities At Swingers

You can enjoy crazy golf at swingers with your friends. The availability of different packages for booking means you can have group bookings. Group bookings will allow you and your friends to enjoy some friendly golf action. Apart from the famous golf, swingers also have some of the best foods and drinks. As the lockdown comes to an end, visiting swingers for some good time should be on your list.

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