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How To Have A Great Wedding On A Budget

Weddings are well-known to be very expensive things these days with the wedding industry in the US estimated to be in the billions already, so there’s certainly a lot of people spending a good amount of money on them.

However, this doesn’t mean that having a wedding on a budget isn’t possible – it’s definitely more than possible, so in this post we’re going to share with you some tips to help you do just that.

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Buy second hand

When it comes to weddings, there are some things that are more expensive than others, and one of the things that makes up a lot of the expense is the clothing – dresses especially can be found costing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousands, and if you’re working with a tight budget, then finding something you like could be tricky at these prices.

One way around this is to buy your dress second-hand, and whilst many people will be horrified at the idea and think they’re going to end up with something old fashioned and tacky, it’s really not the case since plenty of people sell their wedding dresses nowadays after just wearing it for a few hours to make back some of the money they spent, so you’re likely to pick up a great bargain and get something almost-new that’s in great condition.

You also don’t need to worry so much about the style aspect since wedding dress designs have changed over the years so much that you’re going to find something in any style that you like, and even though not all may be to your exact taste, it’s quite rare to find a tacky wedding dress nowadays.

Cut your guest list

Another huge cost when it comes to weddings is the food, and the more people you’re inviting to your wedding, the more meals you’re paying for, so if you’re looking to save some money on the cost overall, then it’s time to get a bit more conservative with the numbers of the people you’ve invited to the wedding. This is often a point of friction in families, but you have to stand firm and remember that this is your wedding and you can invite and not invite whoever you choose.

Skip a sit-down meal

As mentioned above, food is often one of the biggest costs associated with a wedding, so if you prefer to keep your guest list as it is or are already having a small amount of people attending, then another great way to keep yourself from overspending is by skipping the traditional sit-down meal and opting for something more informal like a buffet instead. Buffets are great options for weddings because they allow people to eat when they’re hungry, not according to a schedule, which is good when there’s a lot of alcohol being consumed.

Shop around

Even if you were to have a large budget for your wedding, shopping around is always a smart idea. Wedding boutiques and stores are often inflated when it comes to the prices they charge for things, so even for things like accessories or flowers, table decor and other items you need, you should shop around if you’re looking to save a bit more.

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