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The Ultimate List Of Hen Party Games

Every bride deserves a well-planned hen party to celebrate her last days of freedom before saying I do. And the best way to ensure she has the best send-off is to arrange a host of games to kick-start the debauchery. No matter what everyone thinks about hen party games, these games cannot be skipped over.

Hen party games are what add the touch of “hen” to the Hen do. So, if you are planning a hen party in Marbella, and want the right blend of luxury and style, then take a look at our ultimate list of hen party games.

Dress the Bride

Best for the fashionistas and creatives, the toilet paper wedding dress game is one of the most hilarious hen party games you can arrange for your girl gang. This game will require splitting everybody into teams, and toilet paper rolls…and lots of it.

The premise: Ask each team to choose a model from the group and get them started on creating a wedding dress for the bride. Assign a judge and give everyone a time frame to present their dresses for assessment. Stage a fashion show for everybody’s entertainment before the winning team is announced and shots are served as punishment for the losers.

Where Were The Lovers?

Well, this game requires a little bit of preparation! But trust me, the bride will get all excited and enthusiastic about it.

The premise: Hang about 20 pictures of the lovebirds, which were taken from their various trips together. Ask your girl gang to write down on a piece of paper where they think each picture was taken. The hen who answers the maximum answers correct wins the prize. It might not be the most exciting hen party games, but it surely is an excellent way to take the bride down the memory lane.

Who Knows the Bride the best?

This game will just require some pens and answer sheets.

The premise: Prepare a factual quiz about the bride, to find out which hen knows the bride the best. Run through the questions with the bride before you start the quiz, and write the answers down so that it is easy to tally with the answer sheets at the end. You can include questions like:

Similarly, you can make the game a little more interesting for the bride by telling the bride lesser known facts about each hen, so she has to guess which person it belongs to.

Who Can Make The Best Hen Party Cocktail?

We have all been inspired by Chrissy Teigen’s Smirnoff Vodka Club Soda Unicorn Cocktail. So, ladies, it’s time for some healthy booze competition, some Instagrammable cocktail.

The Premise: Set up a bubbly bar with various tipples and garnishes and alcohol. Think fruit, lollipops, candy floss, sprinkles, etc. Have about two or three types of alcohol, so there is not too much mixing going on. Most importantly, do not forget to have prosecco. What’s a hen party without prosecco? When it’s time for the results, ask the bride to decide the winner for the game.

Hen Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt will allow the hen party to get up to all sorts of mischief. And it is best enjoyed and played when out on the town. Choose a location from the amazing hen party destinations to make it special for the bride.

The premise: Split up the hen gang in teams of three/ four people. Give a list of items that each group has to obtain during the night. Items to include in the treasure hunt are:

No matter which hen do destination you choose for the bride’s send-off, the games listed above will guarantee a good time.

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