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What To Look For In A Diamond Engagement Or Wedding Ring *

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They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but with so much choice available to blushing brides-to-be, how do you go about choosing a ring? Many people enter into the search for the perfect diamond engagement or wedding band thinking about the shape, cut and clarity of the diamond but have you ever thought about where diamonds come from?

The infographic below provides a fascinating insight into where diamonds are mined, how diamonds are used and why they are the most popular choice for couples and individuals looking to buy precious, meaningful jewellery that will last a lifetime. If you’re on the hunt for a wedding band or you’re in the throes of designing your dream diamonds, you may be surprised to see just how many countries produce diamonds. Over 20% of the world’s diamonds are mined in Russia, with Botswana and the Congo close behind. Australia, South Africa and Canada also make it into the top six diamond-producing nations. The world’s largest diamond mine is located in Angola. The Catoca mine contains more than 130 million carats of mineable diamond.

For some prospective brides, the look of the ring will be a priority but many will also be intrigued by the origins. By finding out more about where your diamonds have come from, you can make sure that your ring has been ethically sourced. To promote ethical mining and selling, governments across the world have signed up to a certificate system, known as the Kimberley Process. This process has helped to ensure that 99% of diamonds are procured from conflict-free sources.

Infographic Design By Valentina Engagement Rings

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