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Embark on an Adventure Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is a collaborative post.

It’s always fun to travel, but when was the last time you travelled outside of your comfort zone? For me, taking part in group travel was well out of my comfort zone. It may sound easy to others but I very much like being able to do our own thing, eat alone when we want to and not have to socialise first thing in the morning as I’m so not a morning person. By going on a group trip it taught me that stepping outside of my comfort zone is so worth it and I might even end up enjoying it!

So what can you so to really take yourself out of your comfort zone?

Climb Kilimanjaro

If you’re an adventure junkie then why not try something like climbing¬†Kilimanjaro! There are 4 different routes can take up the 5895m of mountain; going via the Machame route takes 7 days and offers excellent acclimatisation and views. The Lemosho route is similar to the Machame route but gives an extra day on the mountain if you want to take your trek a little more leisurely. The Rongai route approaches from the north and being sheltered makes it better for the rainy season, but if you’ve got enough time then give the 9 day Northern Circuit route a go.

I’d love to challenge myself to something like this, but I’m always wary of how well I’d deal with the acclimatisation and wuss out!

The Six Marathon Majors

For those of you that love running why not sign up to run the six Marathon Majors that includes running in the Tokyo Marathon, the Boston Marathon, the Virgin Money London Marathon, the BMW Berlin Marathon, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon. You can tie in a little sightseeing before running so you get a holiday too.

After running the London Marathon, I toyed with the idea of running marathons elsewhere in the world and I do still really love the idea. I just need to get those trainers back out of the cupboard first!


Stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t always mean running marathons or climbing mountains, it could just be visiting somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t as it’s too far, or out of your usual budget.

Tangier is the meeting point between Europe and Africa and a great way to kick off a visit there would be an adventure holiday in Tangier. Many people visit Europe, but far fewer people visit Africa so this would be a great starting point in visiting Africa. It is oozing with local Moroccan history and culture and the Grand Socco (main market), the winding streets of the old town and the Kasbah all sound like such enticing places to visit. There’s also plenty of coastline along the Caves of Hercules, or if you want to venture out a little further then there’s Chefchaouen.

Visiting Africa is on my list and I love this way of heading to Morocco and learning more about the cultures there before heading into Africa.

What’s a travel related story you have of stepping out of your comfort zone?

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