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Why You Really Need to List out Your Dreams and Actively Go after Them

Some people take a “go with the flow, and see how it goes” approach to life, while others make lists of their dreams, and actively take steps to pursue those dreams.

For some people, the idea of listing out their dreams can seem daunting. On the one hand, it may feel “forced” somehow, and on the other hand, it can be intimidating because when you list out your dreams, you also specify the terms of success and failure.

By keeping things vague, on the other hand, you avoid the kind of self-judgement that comes with goal-setting.

But, if you never take the step of looking up prices of diamond engagement rings UK, for example, and thinking about popping the question, or if you never set about starting a business that you feel deep down like starting, you may miss out on some of the great adventures of life.

Here are some reasons why you really need to list out your dreams and actively go after them.

Because no one ever achieves their dreams by accident

If you ask anyone who’s ever made a major success of themselves in life, in one area or another, whether it was “easy” or not, you’re likely to get a pretty clear “no” as an answer.

It’s very difficult to achieve big and ambitious dreams and goals. If you want to do so, you’ve got to work hard, diligently, and consistently.

If you don’t ever specify and list out your goals, you’re not even in a position to begin the process – and that means the odds are good that you will never live the life you could have lived. Because no one ever achieves their dreams by accident – or, very few people, at any rate.

Because time goes by really quickly – and you don’t want to waste it

Time really flashes by, and the older we get, the more quickly it seems to accelerate.

It’s a sobering and morbid thought that we won’t be alive forever, But it’s also the truth. And, since it’s the truth, it’s worth facing up to honestly.

If you don’t want to waste your time and waste your life, you need to make every moment count. And one of the best ways of doing that is by specifying your goals and working diligently to achieve them.

Because it’s really satisfying crossing things off on lists

Life’s all about the simple pleasures. Or, at least, the simple pleasures definitely help to make everything more uplifting and enjoyable.

And who can deny that crossing items off lists is a really satisfying and pleasurable thing to do?

By writing out a long list of your life goals – both your major goals, and also things like your 30 before 30 and “bucket” lists – you ensure that there’s always plenty of stuff to do, and plenty of things to check off.

After a year or two, you can look at those crossed-out items and feel a sense of satisfaction at what you’ve done and achieved.

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