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Planning a Luxury Getaway to Tuscany

Back when I was around 10 years old, I spent the most amazing two weeks in Italy. My parents had hired two villas in Tuscany along with their friends and daughter who was my best friend. We were up in the mountains, with a swimming pool that had views to die for. The local town had a wonderful bakers shop that we got our breakfast from most days. It was a pretty dreamy holiday.

But my favourite memory, that we often chat about over dinner whenever we all meet up, is how, on the Saturday evening, an array of chefs and housekeepers turned up and took over the villa. The cooked incredible food and prepped the place for a small party. This may all seem a little odd, which is certainly what I thought at the time, but it turned out the owner of the conjoined villas we had hired out was quite a well-known Opera singer and he was going to sing for us! A few of his friends were invited too and I just remember sitting out around the pool listening to Opera and drinking plenty of Diet Coke! It’s such a surreal memory and I feel like at the time I didn’t fully appreciate what was going on. It was just such an incredibly luxurious trip and I’d love to relive it as an adult!

Mike has never been to Tuscany so I would love to take him back to that very place and relive that experience, but fully appreciate it.

Finding luxury in Tuscany is a rather easy task as there is just so much of it around. Don’t you find that Italy just oozes luxury?! Whether it be a modern home or a rustic villa, they are both so luxurious and there are so many great options of where you can stay. Hiring a car to get around, if you’re staying in the mountains is a must, but again you can pick your luxury; an Italian supercar or a classic car from years gone by. For me, luxury would be that traditional villa with a classic Ferrari 250 GT on the drive although I’d be too scared to drive it!

I’d start by booking us a tailor-made tour so we can experience everything we want to see, but without having to go with a tour group so we can take all the time world that we want and of course, take all the photos we want too! I’d book us on to a local cookery school too, ideally, a one to one style class in someone’s kitchen as that’s something I’ve always want to do. And I’d do my very best to find Opera around a swimming pool but with a glass or two of lush Italian wine whilst taking in the views. I’d book tables in the local restaurants, as for me, luxury is being a local, learning the culture and not being a tourist.

What would you class as luxury on a trip to Tuscany?

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  1. John says:

    What a memorable 2 weeks that was and very bizarre.

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