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Think of travelling couples and it’s easy to imagine beachfront meals, perfect sunsets and an endless number of smiling pictures on your camera roll. Of course, travelling with your partner will certainly contain plenty of picture-perfect moments but ask anyone who’s “been there” and they’ll tell you that travelling with the person you love the most is a rollercoaster all its own. 

From reaching the summit of Machu Picchu whilst giving your partner the silent treatment the whole way there, to getting cross and frustrated when they can’t find the room key (and you’re both nursing a hangover). You might have the most romantic destinations on your itinerary, complete with stunning rooms with breathtaking scenery – check out Niagara Falls resorts Canada for a truly stunning couples experience – but it probably won’t stop you from biting your tongue more than once! Believe it or not, it IS possible to travel with your partner and not break up at the end! Read on for our travelling couples survival tips.

Good luck – and enjoy your travels!

Laugh, especially when things go wrong!

Laughter brings couples together. So, make sure you remember to laugh often when you’re travelling! Anything can happen on the road, so it’s best to roll with the punches and just accept that things aren’t always going to go the way you planned them. It might be pouring down with rain, you can’t find the map in your soaked bag, you haven’t booked anywhere to sleep for the night and you’ve just gotten drenched by a passing car. Try to laugh! It might feel ridiculous or even impossible, but not succumbing to anger or frustration, crying or even the urge to storm off will really help things go a little smoother. And it’s all part of the adventure. Think of the stories you’ll be able to tell! 

Know when you’re hangry or tired

This scenario probably sounds familiar because it happens at home. One of you is cross or just in a bad mood because you’re tired, cranky, hungry or sick. If you can identify that you’re in a foul mood because of one of these reasons, then you’re less likely to fly off the handle. You also need to communicate with your partner too! They might want to head to hike to the next village, but you’re low on blood sugar and need a break – communicate. 

Don’t be afraid to splash out

There’s nothing wrong by paying a few extra dollars and upgrading to a nicer room away from other travellers. Or go a step further and treat yourselves to a night in a pleasant hotel. Enjoy a shower, fresh sheets, comfy bed and even room service. It’ll give you time to enjoy the silence, catch your breath and reconnect. 

Or even doing something a little wild like hiring a party bus from to see the sites in a totally different way. No more sitting in traffic, more dancing and fun between where you want to be!

Take a break

Spending every minute of every day, often in stressful situations is going to make tempers flare and even the smallest of inconveniences will be blown out of proportion. Take a break from each other for a few hours. Your partner could check out a local landmark while you enjoy a massage. Then when you come back together, you’ll have more to talk about and news to tell! 

This is a collaborative post.

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