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Five Ways to Build an Effective Marketing Campaign *

*This is a collaborative post.

It is a skill to not only be able to deliver a message effectively using a limited word count or time duration but also have that message retain in people’s minds. The world of marketing surely is amazing. Effective marketing takes skill and a lot of creativity. It’s not that easy to build a campaign that works. But thankfully, this list will show you five ways you can build an effective marketing campaign.

Utilize Social Media

In this digital age, everyone is on their smartphone, and most people are on social media. Social media is a great platform to market since it has a very large and wide reach. If you’re going to market through social media, make sure that your message stays consistent. Establish a voice and tone to be used in your posts to make your account cohesive. 

When marketing on social media, it is advised to focus on one platform and build a following on that before branching out. Pick the social media outlet that your target market uses the most and the one you feel will match your niche the best. For example, a fashion brand would best market on Instagram since there are a lot of fashion influencers and accounts on it. Also, the app would work best in featuring the products since it is photography-based. You can also buy Instagram likes to encourage others to interact with your posts; the best site to buy Instagram likes is often up for discussion but this article will certainly point you in the right direction!

Once you’ve chosen your social media outlet, cater your content to the particular platform. Remember, each platform has its own personality and features. And there are reasons why your audience prefers these platforms over the others. It is essential to understand the culture found in each social media platform’s community. For example, people scrolling through Facebook wouldn’t be interested in watching long videos or podcasts. Using photos, albums, or short clips would be a better way to market on the site.

Understand Your Customer

Before going into the How, you must first identify who you’re marketing to and why. This is perhaps the most important step in making your marketing strategy and campaign. Make use of analytics to find out the demographics of your customers. Depending on your product, factors such as location and age must be considered when thinking up a marketing campaign. If your target market is adults aged 40-60, for example, you probably wouldn’t create ads that feature recent pop culture references or slang since there’s a chance your target audience wouldn’t be able to understand or relate to that. You want to create content that caters to them and their interests. You need to speak their language and hit the right emotions.

It also helps to build a buyer persona. The buyer persona is your ideal customer. It helps you visualize and puts a face and personality to your audience. Your buyer persona is your statistical data personified. Let’s say, based on the analytics, you found out that the majority of your customers are females aged 18-25 working a regular 9-5 shift. These will be the characteristics your buyer persona will have. Building this persona will better help you figure out how best to cater to their interests and emotions. And aside from demographic data, you should also try to speak to your customers or target audience to figure out what their priorities are, their goals, and interests. If, for example, you are an athletic wear company, you can survey your target market to see what activities they enjoy or participate. You can then have that as the focus of your next campaign. You can also find out what features in sportswear they consider when purchasing, such as comfort or breathability of the material. This information will help you in building your next campaign.

Interact on Forums and Community Boards

This isn’t the typical place to market your product or site, but it can be very helpful. This is a good place to interact with potential customers. Let’s take a tech blog for example. You can often find questions on how to fix something or do something on forums and community boards. You can take the opportunity to share your expertise and answer questions. In your answer, you can link to articles and posts on your sites that would be useful to the people looking at the forum and relevant to the question. But be careful to not forcefully insert your product or site into the answer. People on forums are there for educational purposes or entertainment so they wouldn’t receive unnecessary product placements positively. But additional information relevant to their query could bring in clicks for the link. And if your answer proves to be very informative, it’ll get a lot of upvotes and more chances for people to view the link.

Feature User-Generated Content

Interactive campaigns are often found to be effective in marketing. Create hashtags that customers can use when they have posts featuring your product. This will make it easier for you to find these posts and share them on your page. This is an effective way to market since not only does it bring your customers into the campaign, but it also brings traffic to your page since featured customers and their loved ones would want to see them featured on the site. It also establishes a closer relationship with the customers and the brand, possibly bringing in brand loyalty.

Invoke Emotion Through Storytelling

Effective ads or campaigns usually tell a story or invoke an emotion. Messages are effective when they can make you feel something. Creating this emotional connection will allow for brand recognition and will make your audience feel like they relate to you or want to support you. Campaigns that effectively tell a story are retained in people’s memory more than those that don’t. They also spark conversation and allow for your brand to be mentioned and talked about, making you a trendy topic. And it doesn’t have to be something controversial or political. It can be a movement, a heartwarming ad about family, or it could simply be funny or witty. What matters is that you can tell a story that your audience can relate to and one that can spark emotion in them.


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  1. Loved this post! I think some marketing agencies need to have a read of this.

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