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Planting Ideas for Tree’s in your Back Garden *

*This is a collaborative post.

Garden landscaping is one of the best ways to make your home stand out from the others in your neighbourhood. With proper landscaping ideas, you can also improve the value of your home immensely and enjoy some amazing profits should you decide to sell the property. There are some gardening ideas you can try on your own but there are also others that will require you to work with a landscape gardener. Since trees have several benefits, using them as part of your garden landscaping is a great idea. There are several landscape gardeners Essex has to offer for those around the region but you also try some of the following tree planting ideas.

Aloe Vera Beauty

Being a succulent tree, Aloe Vera can transform any garden into a beautiful area. The best part is that such transformation usually looks natural. You can plant aloe vera and surround it with other decorations like stones or gravel. Other plants like cactus and rocks also look great with aloe vera trees. Although the tree may require water and good soil drainage, taking care of aloe isn’t very demanding. To add to the natural beauty of aloe vera, you can paint the rocks or stones you place around the aloe tree.

Tree Arbour

A tree arbour is another garden landscaping feature that can look great in your home. Achieving this is easy but if you don’t have time you can look for any images online to give you an idea of how best to make this happen. It requires the planting of trees and manipulating them before they become too old. It works well with slender trees that will provide columns of the arbour. The trees have to be planted in a circle and once they reach the desired height, they are bent to form the roof. It is the perfect combination of an arbour and a grove.

Walk-In Trees

Planting trees in a way that they form an arch along a pavement in your garden is another great feature especially if you have a large garden. Such trees provide a serene place for you to take leisure strolls as you enjoy the rest of your garden and home in general. The trees have to be planted in a straight line but as they grow they have to be manipulated so that they grow towards each other thereby forming an arch. You can plant flowers around the trees to add colour and more natural beauty.

Tree Sitting Spaces

You don’t have to cut down an old tree from your garden or let it rot away. You can make use of such trees and create a seating area around them to make the time you spend in the garden more comfortable. All you need is a bench and a few throw pillows strategically placed around the tree to create a serene environment for your rest.

Trimming your trees is also a good and simple way of attaining a fresh garden look. Any landscape gardener Essex has can help you plant trees in a KS then manicure them to get a slim look. It is perfect for small gardens and you can use a wide range of under-planting ideas to get different patterns. You can also achieve this by yourself but you have to choose the right type of trees.

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