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What is the Difference between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing? *

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With the rise in urbanization and the alarming increasing effects of climate change, full-proofing your homes has become a concern of many homeowners. This can be done in many ways, of which, glazing the windows is one of them.

Nowadays, most windows come as double glazed windows. It has become the standard and the go-to choice when it comes to windows. As technology improved and extensive research was done, the concept of triple glazing came into play. The current dilemma for most homeowners is whether to go for double glazed or triple glazed windows. There are differences between the two, and a deeper look might help owners decide on which to go for. A double glazing quote will differ from a quote for triple glazing.


If we consider cost, triple glazing does cost higher than double. This is because triple glazing involves the use of three glass panes instead of two. As the number of panes increase, so does the price. Although installation costs for double glazed are much lower, triple glazed windows can lower the overall electricity bill by almost 50%. Hence, installing triple glazed windows can be seen as an investment that is bound to bring in good returns. It is also possible to look for cheap double glazing Essex companies that will do the job cost-effectively. Proper research is key before going into areas like this to avoid losing out on cheaper alternatives.

Energy Efficiency

One of the many reasons people glaze their windows is to improve energy utilization. An extra single glass pane can improve efficiency significantly. In countries were retaining warmth in the house is key, double and triple glazed windows play a huge role. By introducing two extra panes of glass in triple glazing, the trapping of heat within the home becomes much higher. If we have to dive into the science of it, single glazed windows have a U-value of around 5.6. Double glazed windows have a U-value of approximately 2.8, which is much lower than the first. The triple-glazed beats the two by having a U-value of only 0.8, making it the winner in terms of minimal energy loss from the home.

Noise Isolation

Another one of the main reasons that people choose to go for glazing is the fact that it helps in noise reduction. Houses located in the heart of the city tend to suffer from the loud noises of traffic, people, and construction daily. Laws of sound dictate that adding extra panes of glass separated by air serves as a very efficient to reduce the amount of noise, either entering or leaving the house. This can further be improved by adding panes that are of varying thickness. This helps block noises of different frequencies. Ideally, the difference between the thickness of the panes needs to be around 33%.

Should you switch to double and triple glazed windows?

If you are currently living in a home with single glazed windows, go for it. Switch to either double or triple, depending on the budget and necessity. Single glazed windows just don’t cut it anymore. The noise reduction, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency of both double and triple are well worth the switch.

If you currently have double glazed windows, a deep look is needed before deciding to switch to the triple. If you live in a very noisy area, make the switch. If the area is very cold, you might as well make the switch. If the budget allows for it, go for it since the results are well worth the extra material and installation costs.

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