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Different Skip Sizes Available in Essex *

*This is a collaborative post.

Skip hire companies in Essex have different types of skip sizes available for people with different needs. The size is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking for waste collection services. To choose the correct size, you need to understand the capacity of each. Apart from the quantity, you should also consider the type of waste you want to dispose of when you’re looking for a skip. The larger the skip, the harder it is to lift.

2-yard skip

This is the smallest size of skip and is perfect for smaller projects. If you’re cleaning out your yard or handling some small landscaping projects, then you should look for a grab hire Essex company that has these skip sizes. Also known as the “mini” skip, you can expect it to hold approximately 20 bags of waste.

3-yard skip

These skip sizes are perfect for those who have more waste than what the 2-yard skips can hold and less than what the 4-yard skips can hold. They are 50% larger than the 2-yard skips and can be used for smaller renovations, gardening, or cleaning projects.

4-yard skip

This skip size is double the above skip sizes. It can hold around 40 bags and can, therefore, be used for more significant domestic projects like sectional remodeling. If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, then this should be your skip hire.

6-yard skip

This is one of the most common skip sizes available in grab hire Essex companies because it is the most sought after size by construction companies. However, it can only hold a limited quantity of waste and should not be used in very large projects. If you have a small office or home renovations or larger gardening projects that require clearing out of moderate waste quantities, then this is a perfect choice

8-yard skip

With the ability to hold 80 bin bags of waste, this skip size can be used for larger projects. If you’re handling a project that involves the disposal of heavy waste like soil or other similar debris, then this should be your choice of skip size. Built proportionally to handle such heaviness with ease.

12-yard skip

If you’re trying to get rid of large and bulky but light waste, then go for the 12 yards skip size. Things like furniture and packaging waste are the perfect fit for this skip size, and that’s why most shop fitters use it. It is also popular among those clearing their offices and homes. If this size is too big for your needs, then you can go for the 10-yard skip. Those skip sizes can do the same jobs as the 12-yard sizes, with the inky difference being their sizes.

17-yard skip

All grab hire Essex companies will agree that this size isn’t for domestic use. Also known as a roll-on or roll-off skips, their sizes make them ideal for construction sites that want to get rid of rubble, garden waste, and construction waste of different types, including metal, plastics, and wood.

35-yard skip

These are extra-large skip sizes that are used in very large construction sites. They can handle everything the 17-yard skips can and are mostly used in demolition sites.


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