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The Revolution Of Pets Fighting For CBD Oil *

*This is a collaborative post.

After medical marijuana was discovered, it seemed that our little four-legged buddies became jealous. And then, a miracle happened. All the cats and the dogs in the world united, ending the centuries-long war between these two species. They formed a pact and decided to invite all the other animals to join. Cows, horses, turtles… Even mice decided to bury the hatchet.

After all, it was all for the greater good. They wanted in on the fun and they wanted to end the selfish streak that the humans were on. It all began when they came across and realised that people were hiding something from them. And that something was simply marvellous!

The Revolution Began

In their opinion, those two-legged monsters acted as if they owned the world. Who are they to deprive anyone of the health benefits that come with CBD? Everyone deserves a chance to ease the pain, or calm down if they experienced some fear. Why would anyone take their chance from them? “This is a revolution” – everyone chanted.

Of course, animals didn’t really think humans were monsters. Dogs, for example, really liked to cuddle with their owners and grabbed every chance they could to lick their faces in affection. Cats, on the other hand, saw them as pathetic slaves. And yet, they also loved to cuddle and sleep in the same bed as their humans. Although, kitties never missed an opportunity to show just how much the bed is actually theirs, as well as anything else in the house.

Therefore, they decided not to use any dangerous weapons in their mutiny. They wanted to get results, but they didn’t want to hurt the human species. That’s why they all decided to simply be angry and start meowing, barking and producing all kinds of sounds whenever they saw their owners use these products only for themselves. The more skilled ones even pushed their bowls towards people whenever they noticed a bottle of CBD oil nearby.

Pets counted on the wits and the brains of their owners and hoped that they would figure out what it is they are trying to tell them. Isn’t it said that they are the smartest species in the entire world? Well, now was a good time to prove this! Luckily, humans didn’t fail to meet their expectations and quickly realised that every single action of their pets was connected to their need of CBD oil.

So, they made it! Animals actually made it! Now, they can reap all the benefits that people were reaping for a long time and nobody can stop them. Happiness ensued throughout the world and everything was soon back to normal. Cats started hating dogs again, mice started hating cats, and dogs… well, they just continued loving everybody. But, what’s important is that this little mutiny even made it to the front page. Read here.

On The Other Side Of The Revolution

For some reason, pet owners have become increasingly interested in what CBD oil can do for their animals. Although the cause of this sudden interest is not entirely clear, people seem to be feeling guilty about getting all the benefits of this marvellous product while their pets were deprived of it. Of course, they were scared at first and didn’t want to give their little friends something that could hurt them.

While they thought that their dogs, cats, and other animals suffering from certain diseases could actually see some serious improvements in their wellbeing with the help of this product, human beings couldn’t bring themselves to administer this medicine on their own risk. That’s why scientists took some measures and thoroughly researched this topic. And it’s good that they did.

The first thing that they needed to determine is whether this product could get their pets high. The good news was that it couldn’t. From there, they took things further, started experimenting and learned how this product can actually help their furry friends. So, let’s check that out.

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Through the endocannabinoid system and related receptors, CBD oil works by relieving animals of any pain they might feel, be it acute or chronic. In addition to that, the product can help with the regulation of bowel functioning. It has also been found out that it can reduce stress and anxiety.

And that’s not all. CBD oil is used during the treatment of epilepsy, because it can help control and manage the seizures that come with it. As if that weren’t enough, this drug fights cancer cells. And it seems to be very good at it.

When you take the whole situation into account, then the revolution of the animals was rather justified. Although, I am not entirely sure if they were aware of the catch. I’m talking about the fact that CBD is not psychoactive. Aware or not, they are getting the best for their health.

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