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Wedding Superstitions Are More Important Than You Think *

*This is a collaborative post.

To most couples, superstitions are precisely that. They are nothing to worry about if you’re not a superstitious or religious person. If anything, you find that they get in the way of planning your big day, which is annoying considering how much you have on your plate.

Of course, while not every superstition adds value, the gestures do come from somewhere. As a result, they may have a more special place in your heart than you realise. For starters, many of them are ingrained in society to the point where you may be affected regardless. A church venue is a prime example as lots of people aren’t religious or don’t go to church.

Then, you have the fact that superstitions mean more to certain people. If your parents love the idea of an oathing stone, it’s hard to say no. They mean so much to you that you want to please them at every opportunity.

Some are logical and make the big day better. Opting for a summer wedding is a tradition that relates to the Celts, who advised a marriage ceremony between the “light half” of the year. Finally, there is luck – why say dismiss it when you know you need Lady Luck on your side?

Whatever they are and where they come from, wedding superstitions are more important than you think because they are traditions. You should check out the infographic to learn more about some of the most popular and fashionable services that are still around today and how to incorporate them into your ceremony.

Infographic from Claddagh Ring

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  1. Jennie says:

    This info graphic on Celtic wedding traditions is so much fun. I love the way it looks.

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