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Future Holidays And What Options You Might Have *

*This is a collaborative post.

We have all been through a very scary time in our lives. This year has certainly not gone the way anyone will have hoped or even thought it would. We have had lockdowns where we have had to stay at home. We have had to sacrifice a lot, holidays have been cancelled and shops and restaurants shut. Who would have thought that many children in the world would stop going to school for safety? It has certainly been one to remember and definitely a time in the future where our future generations will ask us all about this. 

But with things starting to ease up and hopefully the threat of the COVID-19 slowing down, things like holidays can and might be back on your radar. It is likely that you will be looking towards the autumn season and thinking it will be the time of the year where things may have returned to some form of new normal that we can get on board with. The leaves will be changing, the vibe in the air will be gearing up for the imminent festive period, and the weather will get a little cooler. It might present to you the perfect time to start thinking about a holiday and a change of scenery finally. A chance to relax and unwind from busy work schedules, or simply just to gain a clearer perspective on life moving forward. When it comes to holidays in the future, we all want to ensure that we get to make the most out of the time we get with our friends and family as well as feeling safe and secure. Holidays are precious, and whether you are fortunate to travel a lot or look forward to that one annual holiday, they mean different things for each of us. Investing in your future holidays could be a great way to guarantee a good time and make some incredible memories, but how could you do it? It is time to maybe start looking into countries that are classed as safe and perhaps thinking about the type of holidays that you could take moving forward. With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about and some suggestions that could work out well for future travel plans where there is still a level of uncertainty. 

Where to Go?

One of the first big decision to make is where you might want to go? Are you looking to stay close by, perhaps just heading out into the countryside or scoping a new town or city. Or are you thinking a change of scenery means jumping on a plane and going in search of a warmer climate or a different type of experience entirely? Of course, there may be restrictions on things such as plane travel, where a face mask might be needed to be worn throughout the journey. The same could be said for boats and ferries taking you to other countries. Staycations may be the thing this year, but there are some people willing to look at travelling abroad. If that is you, take some time to do some research. You may want to look into the actions and restrictions they put in place during the peaks of the pandemic. You might also want to ensure that once you get there you know exactly what social distancing or other restrictions may still be in force. No point travelling somewhere only to find that you are restricted to your hotel complex, for example. 

Your Budget

Of course, much of what you do is dictated by your budget. So it may be worth checking the bank balance, your savings or the credit card statement to see exactly what you can afford for this break away. Often the smallest of budgets can be stretched with careful planning and meticulous spending, but don’t put yourself under financial strain as this could defeat the object of the purpose of the break. We have all been through a lot when it comes to the last few oaths and with people having to take reduced wages, not being able to work at all, or even the loss of their jobs, money may be a little tighter than usual. Of course, we all need to live and enjoy our lives, so there may be opportunities to look at budget friendly options. However, the travel industry also took a hit like so many other sectors so it could be the perfect opportunity to book that big trip as the prices may be more reasonable than they have been in the past. 

Where to Stay?

Knowing your budget and location means that you have the decision of accommodation to make. It’s now more trendy and cost-effective to think outside of the usual hotel booking and looking at self-catering options like what Airbnb can offer. More and more people are offering up their exclusive pads and wonderful accommodation options. The options are endless. Consider a caravan, camping or glamping. Maybe a budget hotel or going for something more extravagant like a five star rated establishment. Again it is worth checking the accommodations own restrictions and guidance for COVID-19. Also, you might want to ensure that their hygiene practices have been changed and improved. 

What to Do on you Holidays?

Having everything booked up means that the fun can begin. Planning your itinerary for the few days you have booked away. Are there any historical sites you want to see? Shopping streets or centers you want to take advantage of? Maybe you are more of a foodie and want to eat at the locations finest restaurants. Blogs online are full of real-life experiences of many of the locations in the world full of advice, tips and tricks. A simple Google search should highlight some recommendations for you. Planning your intensity as much as possible will help you to get the most out of the travel plans that you have, and also avoid any disappointment should certain attractions and excursions not be possible. 

The next thing to think about would be the type of holidays that might be optional now that you are seriously thinking about booking some travel. It might be that you would also opt for the sunny beach holiday but with recent events, you may want to look at other options. Here are some suggestions to consider:


Camping is often a vacation that many families and friends enjoy doing. Of course, camping is an ideal situation right now. You camp out in an open space and you can easily social distance from other holidaymakers. The main thing is that you might need to invest in some new camping equipment. Cooking utensils and tools, things to sleep in and chairs and comfort aspects, and let us not forget the all-important tent. However, once you have all of the gear you can pack up and go anytime. Picking a campsite, going on the weekends or for longer periods, and generally enjoying the great outdoors. There is nothing quite like it. 


A caravan can often be a step up from camping. It can still give you excellent options and flexibility of holidaying whenever you want, but at the same time, you do get to enjoy some extra comforts. Of course, the main factor would be to choose between hiring a caravan or making the investment and buying one yourself. There are a variety of used caravans for sale that you could view and it could be an ideal cost-effective holiday option. But once you have it, as long as you keep up with regular maintenance you can enjoy a holiday when you want it. The best thing about your own caravan is you are responsible for your own hygiene and cleanliness and it will be filled with your things, which could give you greater peace of mind. 

Investing in a Holidays Home

One of the biggest investments that you can make when it comes to your holidays is investing in a holiday home. A place in the sun, close to the beach or in your favoured place. It is a big investment that may require a large deposit and a mortgage, but it could also be a great chance to enjoy a home away from home. Now more than ever there could be some real bargains to have, so if you know what you want and the area you could buy in then this could be a feasible option right now. You could also think about renting it out to others as a way of recuperating some of the costs in the future when things start to calm down a little. Many people have dreams and aspirations to own a holiday home, and it can feel like the ultimate luxury. If you could own a place where would it be?

A Motorhome 

Finally, if you want all of the luxury and all of the flexibility then there really is only one thing for it. Owning your own motorhome. Some people go as far as to buy an older van and convert it to suit their own needs. Making picture-perfect Instagrammable motorhomes that gives you a great quality of life for future holidays and weekends. However, if you don’t want to go to all that effort, then you could buy a motorhome already done up and ready to go. Again like a caravan, it gives you that extra peace of mind. 

Let’s hope that this has given you some ideas on how you could enjoy holidays in the future. 


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