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10 Surprising Fashion Fails (And How To Fix Them) *

*Collaborative Post.

Let’s face it: you’re probably reading this blog post today because you think you might have made a few fashion faux pas over the years. You’re likely feeling guilty about the mountains of seldom worn clothes in your wardrobe or your addiction to fast fashion.

You may even be reading this because you’re not sure if you’re making any fashion mistakes – but you’re curious enough to check “just in case”!

In any event, this article aims to illustrate some of the top ways that people make surprising fashion fails in their lives. Without further ado, here’s a top ten list of surprising fashion fails in no particular order:

Having Too Many Clothes

There’s no denying that one of the most significant fashion mistakes that many people are guilty of making is hoarding lots of clothing in their wardrobes!

It’s so easy to buy something, especially off-season, and hide it away in your wardrobe that you forget it exists! Take a look in your wardrobe right now. Do you have lots of clothing in there, much of which you probably never wear?

If the answer’s yes, you need to go through what you’ve got and sell or donate to charity the garments you no longer want.

Having Too Many Accessories

In a similar vein to having too many clothes, some people equally have a ridiculous abundance of fashion accessories! Yes, it makes sense to have some things to wear with your outfits. After all: you want to dress to impress, irrespective of the occasion or venue!

If you have 30 pairs of handbags and enough shoes to give Imelda Marcos a run for her money, it’s time you thought about condensing your collection of fashion accessories and, as with unwanted clothing, sell those accessories or donate them to a worthy local charity.

Always Paying Full Price

There is no one on this planet that loves paying full price for their clothing – or anything else for that matter. It always makes sense to get the best value for money, whether you’re paying for a new pair of jeans or an exclusive outfit from a high-end fashion brand.

With that in mind, how can you avoid paying full price most of the time? One way to achieve that goal is by looking at fashion outlet websites like The DOM or visiting ones near to where you live.

Another idea is to check out details of special promotions and offers from retailers by signing up to their mailing lists.

Only Wearing Outfits Once Or Twice

You might not realise it, but it’s not uncommon for many people to buy garments and only wear them once or twice. For example, some folks might purchase clothing to wear for a wedding or a similar occasion and are unlikely to wear those items every week or so.

If you need to dress for specific occasions, but are unlikely to wear those items again, don’t buy those items and waste premium storage space in your wardrobe. Consider borrowing those garments from someone or renting them instead.

Not Caring For Your Clothing

Once you’ve washed or dry cleaned your clothing, what do you do with them? Many people will answer that they fold them away and put them in their wardrobes. However, not everyone will give their clothes the care they deserve.

For example, it makes sense to iron garments like shirts and store expensive or one-off clothing in protective moth-proof garment bags that you can hang up on a rail.

The last thing you should do is throw your clothing into a draw or wardrobe and bundle everything into a messy heap!

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Avoiding Secondhand Clothes

There is no shame in purchasing secondhand clothing, nor should you feel embarrassed about doing that.

Believe it or not, you’re likely to find some amazing deals on pre-loved clothing, and if you enjoy the style of vintage garments, you will need to buy secondhand clothing for obvious reasons!

Often, you’ll come across pre-loved garments that may have only been worn once or were perhaps purchased in error but can’t get returned due to store labels being removed. Always consider secondhand clothing when you’re next thinking of buying something new.

Discarding Instead Of Mending

What happens when one of your garments has a ripped seam or perhaps has a button missing? If you decide that it’s best to discard those items and buy new replacements, you’re definitely making a fashion faux pas!

Mending instead of discarding is something you should adopt for your fashion collection. Even if you’re not good at darning or sewing, you won’t have trouble finding a relative, friend, or even a clothing alteration service that can help.

Not Following Care Label Instructions

All the clothing you buy will come with labels attached to them that illustrate how you should care for them. Usually, they will give you guidance like the maximum temperature to use in your washing machine or whether you need to hand-wash or dry-clean them.

The care label instructions help you get the best out of your garments and ensure their longevity. Make sure you pay attention to what’s written on them!

Not Buying Online

Most people use the Internet for doing all kinds of things, such as catching up on social media, managing their bank accounts, and looking at funny memes. However, another thing the Internet is useful for is buying stuff.

When you next need to satisfy your craving for trendy new clothing, make sure you check out the prices online. That’s because you’re likely to get better deals online than you would from a brand’s High Street shop.

Forgetting About Ethical Clothing

Finally, one thing that some individuals are guilty of doing is forgetting about the ethical side of the fashion industry. The sad truth is that some brands, such as those involved in fast fashion, can only sell garments cheaply because the manufacturing processes aren’t ethical.

For instance, workers may not get paid a fair wage in the Far East, the processes used to dye garments might be toxic to local water supplies, and even the cotton used might not be organic or sustainable. 

Where possible, always ethically source your garments and accessories.

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