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Where Will You Travel After Travel Restrictions Ease? *

*This is a collaborative post.

With how the way the world is at the moment, it’s so easy to let your mind wander to better times; times when my family took me on incredible summer breaks all across Europe, holidays with Mike to America where I spent an amazing 9 hours in Graceland, and even just normal life spending evenings in London when we weren’t just stuck at home all the time!

And those dreams often lead to opening the laptop, looking at flights, places to stay and all the bars and restaurants we could be making our away around! Don’t worry, I’ve not got to planning full itineraries… yet!

So you know full well that I’m going to share with you a few of the options I’ve got up my sleeve for when travel becomes easier and we’re both happy to jump on a plane again.

Mykonos and Santorini

When I think back to those holidays spent in Europe with my parents, a couple of them that always spring to mind are the holidays in Mykonos and Santorini. I would love to take Mike to both as I think he would really enjoy them and they’re both so beautiful that I know we take some banging photos! We’d take a trip to Mykonos for the beaches, shopping and the lively evenings that it’s so well known for and then we’d visit Santorini for the insane amounts blue and white, the ancient ruins, the sunsets like no other. How I long to be down by the sea, glass of wine in hand with a fresh salad! Yes, this gal just admitted to wanting a salad cuz nothing beats a fresh Greek Salad, right?


As if I could go a blog post without mentioning my love of beer! I want to jump on a Eurostar and get to Brugge as soon as possible to drink all that good beer they have there! Aside from the beer, there’s just so much history to see such as Markt square featuring a 13th-century belfry with an 83m tower with panoramic views that I so want to take in! From what I have seen and heard about Brugge, it’s so picturesque so I’d love to just wander the streets stopping for beer and food whenever we fancied.


Ok, this one for me is a legit dream and I’m thinking we won’t be getting there for a good few years, but it’s somewhere I look at all the time. The culture is of such an interest to me, and I long to take in all the sights in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima and of course, ride the shinkansen better known as the bullet train. I also want to eat an array of vegetarian foods I’ve never tried in Kamakura, learn about Sake and head to Takaragawa Onsen, a scenic mixed-gender onsen resort to really absorb some more culture.

Where will you travel to when the restrictions lift?


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