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Hayley’s Guest Post…

Today we have the very lovely Hayley to blog for you…

Hello, lovely readers of Squibb Vicious, (awkward greeting), It feels strange being on a different blog. Anyway enough of my rambling (for now) I am Hayley & I blog over at Tea Party Beauty, I blog mostly about beauty, with some reviews, tips & also just some general lifestyle posts. Feel free to pop on over for a little look-see if you like. Well, awkward intro out of the way here is my guest post…

The award-winning Whipped Cream* from Milk_Shake deserves every single award it has received. I love this product sooo much. 

First things first what do Milk_Shake have to say about this…

‘Leaves hair soft, shiny and full of vitality. The milk-derived proteins condition and restructure the cortex and cuticle of the hair, special emollients add deep and long-lasting hydration and Integrity 41 preserves the colour. Soft and creamy, a comfortable and fast way to condition hair without weighing hair down’

Well I must say I have to agree. The quirky bottle had me from the start, anything that comes with a dispenser like this is already a winner in my book – I know, I’m easily drawn in. When you dispense the product it comes out like whipped cream. Amazing. Although I do have to stop myself from trying to squirt it in my mouth & remember it is not actually whipped cream of the cupcake kind.

I’m a fussy bugger when it comes to the smell of haircare products, I don’t like them to smell too overpowering, as when it mixes with the smell of your shampoo it can be a bit too much. I was having nightmares before using this, thinking it was going to smell like milk/cream (I HATE MILK, just the smell alone has my stomach turning, especially when I thought it might have curdled because I hadn’t kept it cold). But it doesn’t smell of dairy & neither does it smell too over the top. To me it smells quite yummy & sweet, which fades slightly in your hair.

Once I had washed my hair I applied a dollop of Whipped Cream to the ends of my hair & dried it as normal. A little bit of product really does go a long way with this. So don’t go too over the top to start with. It left my hair feeling lovely & soft & in great condition, even slightly shiny on the ends. As well as smelling good enough to eat (I didn’t though, as my hair chewing days are long behind me) 

See look how pretty that looks, makes me just want to decorate a cake with it 🙂 

I love this product & not just for the quirky squirty dispenser – although this is probably why I love it quite so much. 

Have you used this before? I would love to know what you think (especially of the quirky bottle) 

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