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How To Make The Ultimate Custom Bedroom Setup *

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Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your house. It’s where you spend at least a third of your life, and it’s also potentially where you’ll go to relax after a long, difficult day at work. With that in mind, there’s no reason to skimp on luxury in your bedroom; if there’s anywhere in the house you should focus on when it comes to making sure everything is perfect, your bedroom surely qualifies. But how can you build the best possible bedroom you can imagine? We’re here to help on just that front. Here’s how you can make the ultimate custom bedroom setup for yourself.

Get your bed right

It’s not worth taking shortcuts when it comes to your bed. The bed is the most important part of a bedroom; if you don’t feel comfortable when you sleep, it can seriously disrupt your rest and damage both your mental and physical health. That’s why you need to shop around for the best-quality bed you can possibly find. Of course, if you don’t have a lot of money to hand right now, then you may not quite be able to stretch to the bed you want. However, bear in mind that this is something it’s worth dipping into savings for, because the importance of a good bed cannot be overstated.

Accoutrements are everything

Many people look too hard at the big picture when they’re designing and creating custom bedrooms. While you should certainly focus on the overall structure and layout of the room, you shouldn’t skimp on smaller details, either, as this is where the room will really come together. Why not look at a set of sliding wardrobe doors for your wardrobe? This detail can really emphasise a classy, understated look that could be perfect for your new bedroom. You could also look at a custom bedstead, for example, or custom frames for your windows. All of these details combine to create an overall impression!

Lighting is critical

Two words: dimmer switches. Giving yourself complete control over the intensity and nature of the lighting in your bedroom means you’ll always know exactly how you want the light to look. Of course, the artificial lighting should complement the natural lighting in your bedroom, not replace it; always make sure that your bedroom is sufficiently lit by natural light when it’s not dark. However, when it is dark, being able to adjust the light in your room gives you the chance to wind down slowly and organically, which leads to better sleep and a more relaxed feeling.

Install other furniture besides a bed

While your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, it shouldn’t be the only piece of furniture in there. If size permits, why not install a sofa or other seating arrangement in your bedroom? That will allow you to differentiate between your sleeping space and your relaxation area, and it will also be a great place for others to relax if you invite them into the room. You might also consider a TV table if you like to watch movies or TV to unwind in the evenings. However you decide to arrange it, make sure your bedroom doesn’t just have a bed in it, because that can feel sparse and depressing.

Don’t make it your home office

Whatever you do, don’t make your bedroom into your home office. Being able to compartmentalise the area where you relax and the area where you work in your mind is of paramount importance. This helps you to unwind and leave the “work space” in your head when the day is over. If you absolutely must situate your home office equipment in your bedroom, try to install dividers or other room accoutrements that will help you divide your office space from your bed. This has the added benefit of helping your partner not to feel like the bedroom is simply an extension of the office.

Keep it thematic

The beauty of designing a custom bedroom is that you get control over every aspect, big or small. This means you can decide an overall theme around which to base your bedroom. It doesn’t have to be conceptual; a simple colour scheme can make for an effective theme. Try to coordinate everything in the room so that it all works together rather than feeling like a series of disparate furniture pieces. This way, the room will feel like a complete piece, and when you walk into your bedroom, you’ll instantly feel that relaxing, comforting glow envelop you.

Display artwork or photographs wherever possible

Your bedroom is a deeply, deeply personal space. Wherever you can, try to display either your favourite artwork or some personal photographs. This helps the room to feel more like your own room rather than simply a glorified hotel space. A bedroom isn’t just where you sleep; it’s also an extension of your identity, a place you should feel absolutely comfortable in at all times. To that end, make sure that the artwork, photographs, and other adornments you display are ones that you will want to look at repeatedly and for extended periods of time.

Don’t spend all day in your bedroom

This isn’t really a tip on how to make your bedroom so much as it is a tip on what to do once you have it. If you never got out of bed, some seriously worrying things would start happening to your body. It’s important to make sure that you spend some time in other rooms of the house, as this can refresh your mental energy and help you to feel more active and involved in life. Some days are great days for simply lounging in bed, but do make sure that you make time for exercise and spending time elsewhere in the house as well.

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