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10 Things You Never Knew You Needed In Your Home *

*Collaborative Post.

Sometimes we come across those items in life, which we never understood the value of until those items are in our home and making everyday life so much easier, more convenient, or comfortable. Here are ten items that most people need in their home, but they don’t know it. Whether you’re looking for a new item or want some tips on what to buy next time you’re at the store – we’ve got something here for everyone!

A Robotic Vacuum

A robotic vacuum is a must-have home appliance. This gadget cleans your floor so you don’t have to worry about it and can even clean edges thanks to its design. This device can save you hours upon hours of your life you won’t get back!

A Smart Toilet Seat

If you have a smart home, your toilet seat should be able to sync up with it. For example, a smart toilet seat can sense when someone has used the restroom and then raise itself so that no one will ever have to touch it again! Think of all the benefits this brings!

A Smart Rubbish Bin

Another smart item for your home, look no further than the Rubbish Bin. A Smart Rubbish Bin automatically opens and closes when it senses you. In addition, it can keep track of how often it’s full and send you push notifications so that you know when to take out the rubbish! 

A Multi-Purpose Ladder

A multi-purpose ladder can save you so much room in your home. When not being used, the ladder easily folds up to take up little space and then unfolds when needed for whatever project or task you are working on that requires a ladder. It is also great because it has safety features built into it so that you can climb up it safely. This ladder is great for inside your home, in the garage, or out on a job site if needed!

A Blanket Box

A great way to store your blankets, sweaters, and other items on hand in the living room or bedroom is in a functional blanket box. It can be beneficial for homes with space constraints as it offers a more compact storage solution than traditional dressers (which are typically deeper). A blanket chest will also create a more cohesive look in a space by tying together the colours. It can also be a beautiful addition to your home.

A Bean Bag Chair

I know what you are thinking, that neon coloured bean bags with plastic covers will never go in my home, but bean bags have been modernized and improved and can be a great addition in your living room to read or take a nap. You can now choose from leather to suede-covered bean bags. It gives a modern look with all the comfort in the world.

An Instant Nightstand “BedShelfie”

Perfect for serving breakfast in bed without putting the tray on the bed and spilling something, the iPad for watching movies in bed, or even a glass of water before going to sleep.

Sleek and sturdy, these mini-nightstands are designed to fit snugly under your mattress, so they don’t take up space in your bedroom when you’re not using them.

A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is an excellent way for people with back pain or other issues that make sleeping difficult. A mattress can often be too hard and cause discomfort and prevent the muscles from properly relaxing, which prevents good quality of sleep. These items can create extra cushioning on top of your current mattress. This helps you get into a more comfortable position to sleep.

A Smart Night Light

These lights can be used as a night or reading light. The brightness of the LED panel inside adjusts to your needs and automatically turns off when it detects daylight. This way, you’re not blinded by bright lights in the middle of the night. It also comes with a built-in motion sensor that will detect if you’ve got out of bed and turn on its light. In addition, you will not disturb your partner in bed.

A Portable Espresso Maker

This device is perfect for coffee lovers who want fresh espresso shots without buying an expensive machine that takes up counter space. This small espresso maker goes anywhere and is extremely easy to use. It even comes with a free recipe book of over 20 different espresso drinks you can make in the comfort of your home!

A lot of items might seem unnecessary until you experience how much better they make your life. The items listed in this blog post are precisely those items you didn’t know you needed. So spoil yourself and get these items you might not think to get for yourself.


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