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Top Tips for Picking the Best Dog Bed *

*Collaborative Post.

When it comes to getting a dog, whether you are rescuing an older dog or getting a new puppy from a breeder, you’re going to want to have all the bits & bobs a doggo would need ready for their arrival. You want them to feel really at home and make sure they settle in with you and your way of life as soon as possible, so what should be on your list of important purchases?

There are a few obvious ones such as a lead, collar, dog bowl, specific food (check with rescue centre or breeder for advice), a few toys, blankets and a dog bed or two!

And today, I’m going to focus on what I think is a pretty significant aspect of giving your dog the best start in your home… the dog bed! Having a good quality bed ensures that your dog has daily comfort and the cosy sleep that they need to stay happy and healthy, but what do you need to take into account when buying one?

The Size

You’re really going to want to check the size of the bed that has caught your eye against the size of your dog! We’ve all seen the videos of big dogs in tiny beds on TikTok and although they do tend to go viral, that’s not putting the comfort of your dog first! You want to, ideally, go bigger than the size of your dog so they have plenty of room to stretch out and really enjoy their sleep or relaxation time.

The Colour

If you’re really into your interiors, like I am, then you’re going to want your dog bed to do its best to match your decor! There are some really awesome beds out there that can really make a statement, or if you have the space why not tuck the dog bed under the cupboards in the utility room so they’re not causing clutter on the floor.

The Design

This ties it quite nicely with the colour as there is more than one style of dog bed on the market; do you want a giant cushion style? would you prefer one with sides? does being able to fit into a corner work best for the space you have? would a wicker basket suit your decor?  Lots of questions to ask yourself!

Being Washable!

This is one of the key things for me as I learnt this the hard way! I bought an awesome bed that really complimented the decor at my parent’s house as my doggos live there, and we soon realised it wasn’t washable! With the bed not being cheap, we didn’t want to throw it out so we tried all we could to keep it looking good and smelling fresh, but after a while, it had to go; such a shame! You will want to make sure the cover is removable and washable before you purchase any bed to avoid making the same mistake I did!

If you take these few basic points into account when buying your dogs new bed, they should be very happy with your choice!

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