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How to Dial Down the Stress of Moving Day *

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Moving house is one of the most stressful things a family can do. There’s so much to juggle, and you’ll be busy for months or even longer trying to buy a house and deal with all the horrible paperwork. You have to deal with the costs and sleepless nights of finding somewhere perfect.

However, the time will eventually come when all that hard work is over. All you have to do now is to get through the moving day and you can finally settle into your new home and your new life. There’s no reason to make things more complicated than they have to be. Here are some ways to make the move easier for your family. 

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Dealing With Kids and Pets

The first thing that families need to consider is how the move will affect their children and their pets. Younger children and pets are completely dependent on you and won’t understand what’s happening during a move. This means that the day can be highly distressing for them, and you likely aren’t able to give them the attention they need while juggling everything else.

One way to keep everyone happy and to keep your children and pets safe and happy is to arrange for someone else to care for them. Ask a friend or family member to take them on for the day or, if you have to, find a paid care solution. This frees you up to sort things out without having to worry.

Older children present a different problem. They might be settled in where they are and will find the idea of leaving their home and friends behind difficult. Be sure to talk to them about the move and hear them out. Get them involved as much as possible, both for extra hands and so that they don’t feel left out. 

Pack in Advance

One way that children can help is with the packing. Packing your belongings can take ages, and it’s far more stressful if you leave it to the last minute. If you organise your packing and start a few weeks in advance, then you can take the time to sort through your things and get rid of anything you don’t need.

You can also make sure that your items are packed carefully and safely, so you don’t end up with any disasters. Pack things room by room and label the boxes, so that you can unpack them more easily. You can store the boxes and any furniture at home or at a separate storage area to keep them safe. 

Get Help

You do have the option of hiring a van and moving everything yourself, but this will almost certainly take longer than a day and this will delay the settling-in process. Instead, get some people to help you out and provide some valuable manpower.

Friends and family are always a great help, but a professional removal company can keep things running smoothly and get your belongings to their new home. 

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