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6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom *

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Upgrading your bedroom can be an exciting project, as it allows you to create the perfect retreat in your home. Whether you want to make small updates or undertake a full renovation, there are many ways to transform your space into a comfortable and stylish one, depending on your budget.

If you have been considering elevating your bedroom, here are six easy ways to get started. 

Add storage solutions 

Storage can help to declutter and organise your space, creating a more peaceful environment. That can also make finding and accessing items easier, as everything will have a designated place. Storage solutions can help you protect and preserve items from being damaged or lost. For example, clothing stored in drawers or built in wardrobes is less likely to become creased or faded than those left hanging or piled on a chair. You can consider floating shelves if you have tons of books or valuable trinkets. 

Hang a gallery wall

A gallery wall can add personality and character to your bedroom. You can create a unique and personal space by choosing art, photographs, or other decorative items that reflect your interests and style. It can also be an effective way to fill a large, blank wall. If you have a lot of wall space in your bedroom, consider the size and layout of the items you will be exhibiting as well as the design of the room to add interest and visual appeal. Before you start hanging anything, you can use paper templates or printouts of your items to play around with different arrangements and find the one that works best for you. Once you have decided on a layout, you can use nails, hooks, or other hanging materials to attach your items to the wall. Be sure to hang items at the correct height and spacing to create a cohesive and visually appealing display.


Your bedroom can be the most uplifting part of your house, depending on its colour. Choosing shades like green and blue can give your room a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. A darker tone will make your big space seem smaller and more comfortable. Consider painting the walls or adding brighter accents through bedding, artwork, or area rugs. Also, you can use a scheme that contrasts your current one to create a bold splash. 

Integrate plants 

Adding some greenery to your bedroom can purify the air and give you space a more relaxing, aesthetic atmosphere. Most bedroom plants also offer health benefits and brighten up your room. For instance, the aloe vera plant expels oxygen at night and creates a serene sleeping environment. Plants like golden pothos also help to get rid of unpleasant smells. The best part is that some are typically low maintenance, only demanding moderate lighting and watering. Consider the amount of natural light in the room, as this will dictate which plants will thrive. If your bedroom gets a lot of light, opt for plants that enjoy bright conditions, such as succulents, cacti, or snake plants. If your bedroom is darker, choose plants that don’t require as much sunlight, such as ferns, philodendrons, or peace lilies.

Update the lighting 

Consider adding a dimmer switch or installing pendant lights or sconces for a more ambient and relaxing atmosphere. If your light fixtures are old or outdated, consider replacing them with something new. Many stylish options available can change the look of your room. You can change the bulbs if you don’t want to replace your light fixtures. Using brighter bulbs will instantly make your room feel lighter and more inviting. You can also add some lamps. Lamps provide a softer light that is perfect for relaxing. Also, consider using mirrors to reflect light around the room. Mirrors can help brighten up your space and make it feel larger.

Upgrade your window treatments 

You can add a new layer if your current window treatments are thin. Consider options like a set of blinds or shades underneath curtains or drapes. A new layer will add visual interest and insulation to your windows. For a big change, go bold with your window treatments. Choose a bright, bold colour or pattern for your curtains or drapes. Or, opt for a statement-making material like velvet.

Upgrading your bedroom can be a simple and beneficial task. You can start with little changes to give your room a fresh look. The above-listed points will help you upgrade your main bedroom and create a space that reflects your style and enhances your comfort.


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