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Future Home Wish List, Part Two *

Earlier in the week, I posted about one of the things that was quite high on my list of things I want when we buy our house in a couple of years time. I’m on Rightmove every day seeing how the house prices are moving in the postcodes that we want to reside in and how the prices are changing where we live.

Another thing I do is to try and work out the costs of things I want so I know what I’m going to have to save on top of our deposit, the fees of selling and buying a home. By this, I don’t mean the kettle that I like from SMEG to match the fridge I want, I mean things like wet room costs for the downstairs bathroom or the cost of a farmhouse kitchen that matches the one I dream of so frequently. Proper hard costs to make the house livable, as we’re hoping to go to auction and buy something quite run down and to fix it up ourselves.

So I thought that today I’d share with you a few of the other items on my list…

The farmhouse kitchen or the space to be able to build our own is something that I really want. We’ve seen a few ideas that I’ve got stashed away on Pinterest of colour schemes and the kind of layout we would like. Exposed brickwork around an Aga would be the total dream but rumour has it that Aga’s aren’t the easiest to use and with my cooking skills it may be best to stick to a Range oven that’s a little bit simpler! Dad’s also told us, that if worst comes to worst, we can build our own exposed brickwork wall, so I’d be looking for some reclaimed bricks to make that look authentic!

Something else we have our hearts set on would be three bedrooms; to start with this would be our bedroom and two office spaces. At the moment we share the second bedroom as our creative office space. We’ve got two desks, his PC, my iMac, a tonne of musical items from Mike’s music productions, all of my cameras with lighting and backdrops and we have to dry the laundry in there too! If we had a room each, I can live out my office dreams and have a camera set up all of the time. At the moment we ohave everything packed away and it’s so time-consuming getting out each time I wanna blog or vlog! With Mike, if he wants to spend time making music and I’m blogging he tends to do it with his headphones on which isn’t ideal.

The last bit on my list, I’ve mentioned briefly; clothes drying in our second bedroom. It drives me crazy and I really want a utility room with a heated cupboard so I can dry clothes out of sight. I’ve certainly got this from my dad; he hates seeing clothes out drying so built a nice warm cupboard for mum to dry the washing in the winter in. It also means if you have a favourite item that you wear as soon as it’s dry, it may even still be warm!

What is on your home wants list?

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