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How to Find Wedding Bands You’ll Both Love Forever *

Since your wedding ring is one of the few pieces of jewellery you are likely to shop for together and possibly wear for the rest of your lives, it is a good idea to make a few choices before you even set foot in a store. Do you want the band to be the same metal as the engagement ring? Would he prefer the metal to match his watch? Do you both want something simple, or something rather unique?

Here are a few tips to choosing a wedding ring you will both love.


Consider Buying the Bands and Engagement Ring Together

If you want to be surprised by the engagement ring, or already have one, this might not work, but knowing which bands match with engagement rings can help with the decision making. For instance, a unique engagement ring usually goes well with a no-fuss band. However, a classic solitaire really matches the sparkle of a diamond pave band. You’ll also need to consider how the rings touch. If you are going to wear the band and engagement ring together all the time, look for a contour or even a shadow band that is designed to interlock with a matching engagement ring.

Start Looking Early

Once you have an idea of what you want, start trying on rings. You can always check out an amazing selection of certified diamond wedding rings in Sydney at Delphi Diamonds. Try to give yourself about two or three months before the wedding to shop for your wedding bands. You’ll need ample time to browse, look at prices and revisit the rings that have caught your eye.

Mix Things Up

If you like yellow gold and your partner likes platinum, don’t despair. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have got to choose the same style or metal. You could try compromising with braided bands that usually blend two or three metals together. The main thing is to find something you will both enjoy and that reflects your individual styles. But do try and make some aspects of the rings match to feel like a proper pair.

Set a Budget

It’s a good assumption that you will spend around three percent of your total wedding budget on your bands. Remember that adding embellishments, such as engraving and diamonds, will add to the cost, so remember to factor that into your budget, too.

Consider Your Lifestyle

There’s little point to buying an expensive, stunning band if it is going to be uncomfortable or if you have to take it off often. You are going to wear the band every day, so you should choose something that will effortlessly become part of your life. If you regularly play a musical instrument or participate in sports, search for a thinner ring with rounded edges. If you are super-active, choose platinum which is highly durable, and if you work with your hands, pick a simple and robust metal ring without gemstones that can come loose.

Think Long Term

While it’s alright to be trendy, you should make sure that the style you pick is something you can wear for a few decades to come. The ring should last through all the jobs you have, social functions, and all sorts of activities.

Don’t stress about it too much, remember you’re not married to the ring and you can always upgrade later on when celebrating a special anniversary.

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