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How we Plan on Creating Indoor Spaces Outdoors *

*In collaboration with Nationwide Supplies.

As you will likely know, Mike and I moved into our first owned home together and we’ve got a lot of work to do! Our lovely bungalow is a probate with Weatherspoon style Axeminster carpet in 80% of the rooms and isn’t set up how we’d like it to be so we’re in the process of gaining planning permission to make it our forever home.

We are so lucky to have an incredible garden that are going to really make to most of and the top of our list is to create an indoor space outdoors.

After having read the Nationwide Supplies ultimate guide to creating indoor spaces outdoors it’s really got my ideas flowing for what can do in our garden.

We absolutely adore spending time outside and by building a lovely office/pub/gym at the end of our garden we can spend even more time in outdoor space.

But what other ways could you use an outdoor living space in your garden other than the usual ways that we will be…

Cinema Room

This was one suggested by Nationwide Supplies and really wasn’t one I’d thought of! Imagine watching your favourite film in a room dedicated to just that but overlooking your garden during summer. But even better, can you imagine having the snow falling outside, you’re sat in your garden space watching wintery films whilst feeling so cosy?! The dream!

An Art Studio

If you’re a budding artist, you could create yourself a lovely garden studio where you can use your garden as your muse. With all the colours that every season will give you, you’ll never be lost for ideas!

A Library

If you’re always looking for a little peace and quiet in your home, then why now create an indoor/outdoor library. You can escape all the noise that home life brings and give yourself the perfect little reading nook with a view of your garden.

A Recording Studio

Music plays a huge part in so many peoples lives and if you’re one of them that makes it then this one is for you. Having your very own space to create your tunes could be unreal; you’ll never have to pay recording studio fees ever again, you can set it up exactly as you want it and a wooden built structure can be amazing for your acoustics too.

How would you use an indoor/outdoor living space in your garden?

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