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How to Tackle your Winter Cold *


Despite hoping for warmer weather, we don’t seem to be being blessed with it just yet! I will, however, take the lighter mornings and evenings we’ve been having recently. With all this cold, wet weather we’ve been having, the common cold is sticking around and bringing everybody down!

Whenever you mention you’ve got a cold, there’s always someone with a fun type of old wives cure; my favourite being to get a good night’s sleep, which can feel almost impossible when you’re sat up coughing and sniffling at 2am! Another good one is to eat garlic; there are no medicinal perks to this one that I know of, it’s just to stop people getting too close so you don’t spread anything that could be contagious and you can scare off some vampires whilst you’re at it!

And we all know that honey, ginger, and a splash of lemon in hot water, or even a hot toddy, can work wonders for soothing that sore throat you’ve likely got from all that coughing, but that’s not a longer-term cure, that only seems to work whilst you’re drinking your drink. You can also gargle some salt water, but that can leave an awful taste in your mouth. I always find that something a little harder-hitting, such as Ultra Chloraseptic sore throat sprays, are a far better bet. With having a convenient swivel head, it means you can directly target your sore throat with the local anaesthetic which means it will work directly where it hurts.

Most of us would agree that prevention is better than a cure so I’ve often been told to stay up to date with my vitamins to keep myself in tip-top condition and to also get a flu jab, but these are things you can easily forget so it’s always worth having a cold and sore throat remedy in your medicine cabinet.

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