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Taking my Sleep up a Notch or Two *

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As you likely all know by now, we are embarking on a huge project that consists of a rear extension, moving walls, a loft extension and a full renovation of our house, which means we are currently making do with what we had furniture-wise in the flat, what our wonderful friends have gifted us and what was left in the house; it’s a little mismatched, but we know it’s a means to an end!

But, there was one thing that I actually couldn’t cope with much longer, and that was our mattress. Mike had it before I moved in so it’s coming up to around 12 years old, and we know it really does need replacing. We just don’t want to pay out for a mattress that we aren’t sure we will need this time next year when all our work is completed, as we don’t plan on having a spare bed out all the time, just a plush sofa bed.

So, in steps the Hybrid Mattress Topper; a total game changer! Simba have created an innovative design that  combines up to 2,500 ingenious Aerocoil® springs and a layer of open-cell Simbatex® foam that help to keep you cooler, which is great for very warm people like me, and more cushioned.

When it arrived, I was mesmerised by the size of the box, I had no idea how the mattress topper had been packaged so small! It all made sense when I opened it; the topper had been vac-packed and it dawned on me that this was logical as they wouldn’t send it full-sized, would they?!

As I unpacked, following the guidelines of where to cut, so I didn’t cause any damage, the mattress began to take shape. Within around 10 minutes, if that, it was fully ready to be used and I made a very silly mistake. I laid down, without even making the bed, at 2pm during the day, and I can tell you I did not want to get back up. I wanted to forget my afternoon and evening plans and stay in that very spot until the next morning, as I knew I was going to get a darn good sleep on our new mattress topper!

Once I’d dragged myself up, I flipped the topper over, and I used the super helpful elasticated attachments to hook the mattress topper under onto mattress to prevent any movement. I was shocked at how easy this was as our mattress is really quite thick and we had zero problems. It also includes a removable, washable cover which is really handy to strip off and wash with your bedding to keep it fresh.

This has totally changed how we both sleep and once our house build is done, I can’t quite decide if we keep it for use as a luxurious topper on our sofa bed to treat any guest we may have to stay over or if I am selfish and take it back to my parents to pop on my bed there to keep it for myself!

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