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Our Camera Kit

Over the past year our camera kit has grown rapidly, and I thought I’d share with you what’s in our kit and what we use what bits for…

So the original members of ‘the squad’ as I like to call them are my Canon 60D and the standard 18mm to 55mm lens. This was a gift from my parents around 5 to 6 years ago, so he’s pretty well used. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve has to superglue the rubber handles back on now! Saying that, I need to again before we take him out next!

I was then given my telephoto lens, 75mm to 300mm, fore Christmas by an ex boyfriend. This doesn’t get as much use as I would like but it came in so handy when we were at The Barn and wanted to take photos of the Blood Moon at 3am!

I then had a random half hour at work, inspired by one of my collegues, to purchase a Polaroid Cube…

It’s tiny, and I take it everywhere! It doesn’t have a screen on the back so I find it super fun seeing what I have recorded when I get home! I filmed a fair few videos just using this and have always been really pleased with the outcome; Breaking Bad Pop Up, Reading Festival 2015, and Our Christmassy Weekend.

I’ve bought a neck chain for it which was around £7, waterproof housing for about £20 and straps for attaching to body parts for £15, so it’s a really versatile camera! It’s not HD but for clips on YouTube I think it works really well. It’s also magnetic so we love sticking it on top the car for time lapsing journeys!

The lastest additions were the Canon 700D that the chap uses with a 50mm lens for getting all the finer details for our YouTube videos. Yes, we’re one of those couples that wander around with two huge cameras filming everything!

I also have a FujiFilm XP200 that I’ve filmed a few of my YouTube videos on such as Florida in 2014. It’s compact, waterproof and shockproof so it’s perfect for adventure holidays and clumsy people like myself!

We also have 2 tripods, a Gorilapod, an LED -204 Camera light that slots on top of your camera for videos indoors, a green screen, a typical white backdrop, 2 umbrella lights and an awesome Triggertrap for time lapsing!

I think we like buying camera kit!!

What does your camera kit look like?

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