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Decorating our Home *

When I moved in with Mike at the end of last year we decided to make the flat more homely and get decorating. I’m sure you’ve seen the posts of what we got up to, but there are still a few things that we want within the flat to make it even more homely!


Cushions… seriously, you can never have too many. I just want a couple for on the bed, a few Union Jacks will do nicely, and to the update the covers in the living room to match our new colour scheme. I think buying cushions is quite a girlie finishing touch but it makes sofas and bed so much more cosy! Plus the more cushions there are, the easier fort building will be!


Mike is really into his fireplaces at the moment and really wants an inset style one for the living room as we don’t actually have a big ornate fireplace in the flat, although it’s on the list for when we buy a house in a few years time. This fits in perfectly with our homely feel we want to create as being in a more modern style building we have to create our own features. We very rarely use the heating as the flat is so warm all year round but this can look super warming without having to have the heat turned on. A black outer would fit really well with our decor and with them being remote controlled we don’t even have to get up to switch it on! There is obviously the warmth option too and with so many different styles there ould be one to suit the bedroom too where the warmth may be needed a little more during the colder months!

So we have a lot of pictures up on the walls, as I’m a bit of a photo fiend and buy loads! We’ve got personalised ones, photos of London, band artwork and a huge photo collage that I made but we are lacking in mirrors! I think this may be down to Mike living alone before I moved in and they’re really high on a man’s must have list! I think the wall in the living room would be perfect for one, above our inset fireplace. We’ve been looking for a while but can’t find something that really jumps out at us just yet.


I’ve also just bought some shelves to go above my desk to fill with my books and cute ornaments to make that a little more me! Although, my desk isn’t that tidy anymore!

How have you added finishing touches to your home?

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  1. Katie says:

    Loving what you have done with the place! We are in the process of moving, & we’re doing a clearout, so you know what that means…. REDECORATING TIME!!! I can’t wait.

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