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Top Five Posts in 2016!

I’m one of those bloggers that likes to see what posts people are reading the most on my blog to gauge what else I should be posting, and this year my most read posts were as follows…

Blackpool in 24hr; What You Need To Do
This actually surprised me a little as I didn’t think Blackpool was that popular! I spent two days there a few years back and never ran out of things to do and I’d highly recommend¬†visiting as, compared to London prices, it’s super cheap! I stayed in the Ibis Styles hotel with a view over the pier for less than ¬£50 for a two people a night and that included breakfast! Riding the Big Dipper was always something I had wanted to do so if you have more than a day there you need to squeeze that in too! If you want to see the Blackpool Illuminations then you need to be visiting in September to November and they’re well worth it.

Nando’s; How Not To Serve Customers
I’m such a stickler for good service. I think if you’re paying to be served then it needs to be good so when a waiter forgets your starter after waiting for over an hour and their response is ‘Well, what do you want me to do about it?’ then I think they need to know how badly we were served!
I’m actually really glad this was one of my top read posts!

Laser Eye Surgery – Procedure
This was my most requested post of 2016 so I’m not surprised that it’s in my most read. Having laser eye surgery is both scary, yet beyond incredible at the same time. I has so many people asking questions when I had mine done so I summed it all up in a couple of posts to help people make their own decisions. 11 months later, I’m still so happy with my eyes and my eyesight. I’ve also got out of the habit of pushing my glasses up my nose, it took a lot longer than I thought it would!
I’d whole heartedly recommend having your eyes lasered if you’re thinking about it. I’m gutted I didn’t do it sooner!

Moving On & Blogging Tips
I’m so chuffed that this is one of my most viewed posts this year as it’s one I really liked and felt would help others out. I’ve worked with bloggers for so many years now and keep seeing the same mistakes being made so thought I’d do my bit to help. There are simple reasons why brands choose blogs to work with and these tips are a few steps in the right direction.

My BioScore Results…
This could be one of the most honest post I’ve blogged this year; I’m super conscious about my weight and fitness levels so sharing these were a big deal for me! I got a lot of support both on my blog and twitter so it really made sharing it a lot easier! I plan on having another next year to see if I’ve got any better!

What kind of posts would you like to see more of next year?

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