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Things That Should Be On Your Friendship Bucket List *

Your closest friends are the perfect people to try out new things with whilst you’re young. With a world full of opportunity for having fun, learning new things, seeing sights and making some fabulous memories, you and your girlfriends have got the perfect people to do it all with in each other. However, deciding what you’re going to do can be a tricky one, and before you resign yourself to the usual girls’ nights out or in, have a look at these unique, interesting and fun ideas that you can add to your friendship group bucket list.


Watch a Show

Male exotic dancers such as these seriously sexy guys from make for a great girly night out with your friends. Since this is probably not something that you’d plan to do with your boyfriend in tow, save it for a girl’s night out with your group of friends. Male revue shows such as these aren’t just exclusive to bachelorette parties, and you can have a great girly night out that’s a little bit different from your average weekend get-together.

Go Traveling

Traveling is something that we should all do when we’re young, whether you like to go for weekends in some of the world’s best cities, a week lounging in the sun on the beach, partying at some of the world’s best clubs, or backpacking across continents. Traveling with your best friends is definitely something that should be on your bucket list – whether you can only afford to go on the odd weekend away every now and then, or are saving up for an epic world tour. When it comes to seeing the wonders of the world, your best friends are the perfect people to share these experiences with!


Learn a New Language

When it comes to skills that are great to have, learning a new language is definitely up there on the top of the list. But, learning a new language on your own can be tricky, and has the potential to get boring after a while. But, when you’re learning a new language with one or all of your best friends, it’s definitely more fun and the whole process becomes so much easier. Not only will taking language classes together be a lot of fun with plenty of opportunities to practice, both you and your best friends will come away with an increased skill-set that will open up more opportunities to you when it comes to work, travel and more.

Go Camping

If you haven’t done so already, a camping weekend with your best friends should definitely be on your friendship bucket list. Camping can be loads of fun, and you’ll definitely feel better sleeping out in a tent when you have your closest friends with you around the campfire. Choosing a camping hotspot also means that you have great opportunities to make new friends, and who knows, you could end up adding to your friendship group!

When it comes to new experiences and making memories, there are little better people to do it with than your best friends!

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2 responses to “Things That Should Be On Your Friendship Bucket List *”

  1. Laura says:

    This is a lovely post, with some great ideas 🙂 I wanna try and do some of these! xx

  2. Alice says:

    These sound like good ideas, definitely want to try out camping sometime! Although with tracking selling I’d say it’s better to go on your own- less drama and more freedom!

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