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Seven Ways to Bring More Sunlight into Your Home

A dark house with very little external light is a depressing place to live in that will absorb both your energy and electricity. It is important to get more light from outside into your home to elevate the spirit of your residents and to improve your health since sunlight can be vital to keep, mildew and viruses away.

Sunlight is obviously an important part of our daily life, especially in our homes where we usually spend most of our time. The reasons for bringing more of this life-giver into your household are many. From health to financial, and basically there are no valid reasons why your house shouldn’t glow with that beautiful sunlight. Today we will cover seven ways on how you can bring more of it into your home.

Install New Windows or French Doors

If your budget is tight at the moment then consider the possibility of renewing the ones you already have. Installing larger windows or French doors can help you get much more light, especially in rooms where windows are inadequate. Also, think about the possibility of adding windows to one side of the house where there is none, this can make an exceptional difference.

Make a Routine of Letting the Sunshine In

Open curtains, blinds and anything that covers the windows as much as possible. Do this every day at the same time without fail. In a short time, it will become a ritual instead of being an annoyance. If you have gotten used to sitting near the darkness, try to remind yourself that you are not a vampire and that humans need light and fresh air coming in through the window, especially if you have plants inside.

Create a Regular Cleaning Routine

Especially if you live in a place where a lot of dust is rising from traffic or some other factor. Dull and dirty windows block a good flow of light. They also look ugly, so do yourself a favour and clean them. You don’t even need to use window cleaners. With only vinegar and newspaper, you can do miracles.

Place a Skylight

If installing new windows is beyond your means or you think there will not be much difference, think about whether a skylight could improve the flow of light that enters your home. Skylights come in a wide variety of types, and they are suitable for different ceilings, rooms and budgets. Even in places where it seems impossible to illuminate them with natural light, you can take advantage of clever skylights that force the entry of light through twisted tubes.

The Right Paint Can Do the Trick

Use paint to help increase the feeling that there is more light in the room. Light-coloured paint can reflect light and radiate it through the room much better than dark-coloured paint. Dark walls tend to absorb light, giving a depressing feeling. It’s probably fine for a studio, but not for a living room or kitchen.

Think About the Possibility of Adding a Glass Wall

Square bricks of thick, opaque glass can make an incredibly designed wall that allows light to brighten the place. This wall can be useful as an internal separator where you do not want to lose the sensation of light, but at the same time, you need to separate it with a division that has some solidity. This can be the greatest addition to those looking for a backyard improvement or connecting the environment of your garden with the interior of your home.

Use Reflective Blinds Instead of an Opaque One

Look for shutters that can be closed so that you have privacy but at the same time continue to let in the light through them. Although these blinds are usually opaque, they are incredible in their ability to allow light to penetrate. This will create an opportunity for sunlight to enter the room while keeping you unseen from people outside.

Adding a window on a wall where there is none can be the greatest addition that you can do to increase the flow of sunlight in your home. Also, consider window replacement if you have old ones or install skylight if you prefer that option. Don’t forget that letting more sunlight inside will first and foremost be of health benefit for you and your family and secondly the utility bills can be decreased, especially during the summer days.


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